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  1. mona

    Fin rot

    I will order some today
  2. mona

    Fin rot

    He is alert and eager to see me. Eats readily. Which is complete turn around from when I discovered he was really sick. Can it progress to body rot even though he has dramatically improved?
  3. mona

    Fin rot

    I am a horrible fish Mommy. I did not pay attention to my Betta until I figured out he had fin rot and by then it was too late and this is what has happened to him. I completely cleaned his tank he's swimming around now he's happy he's alert he's eating again. I feel bad enough I know it's my fault but will he grow his fins back I read on the internet that if the fins get close to the body they won't grow back and as you can see his fins are close to the body I don't know what's up with this top and bottom fan they don't look right either. Anybody know if they'll grow back is there something I'm supposed to be doing that I haven't done already
  4. I put 3 small plants in a 5 gallon jar. I am using Co op easy green. Do I need To change water? Have a heater? Air pump? Use more than a couple of drops of the easy green?
  5. Thanks everyone. I do have established tank. I got the ottos when I had a severe alge outbreak. So they may be working on the last remenents. I'll feed small to start.
  6. How many wafers? How often? I put 10 otocinculus in this 10 gallon planted ( now dying and dead plants). Since day 2 I have never seen more than 3 at a time. So how many and often do I feed these wafers? ( they share tank with 1 betta)
  7. Anyone willing to look on Amazon for correct grow light for a dumb newbie? I'm lost trying to pick correct light to purchase. I have 10 gallon with lid ( do I need with Betta?) low light plants (would like medium also later). 1 betta. I'm looking for low cost due to my being so new to plants. I just don't know which to pick. Anyone willing to give me complete name of one that will work from Amazon?
  8. @patrick_g My Nitates are zero Nitates 20ppm
  9. Q1:If my chem levels are good. And no algae. Fish is perky, Do I need to do water changes? I have 10G, live plants, 1 Betta, 2 snails but 1 has been MIA for a month now. Q2: is Ammonia at 0.25 ok for my planted tank and 1 fish?
  10. Ok I have lowered the Nitrates to 20 ppm. By no easy green and 15% water changes daily. I have water column plants and root feeders. I have 10-11 root tabs on a 10 gallon. Should I remove some root tabs so I can start doing easy green weekly again?
  11. Thanks everyone. Awesome I can continue this. It makes me happy to fuss over him.
  12. I'm new at this so I don't want to stress out My Betta. I have been putting the tip of a paint brush (canvas brush wood end) in the top of the water for him to chase then I drop a pellet as I pull out the wooden tip. I do this for 3 pellets in the morning. At noon I do 2 pellets and just before lights out I do 3 pellets. Is it stressful to make him chase for his food? Does it help? Is it ok to split his meal into 3 times a day instead of 1?
  13. Yes everything else seems stable. If one know if it's normal but my Betts has begun hanging out near the bottom and behind plants. He comes out right away when I come to his tank though. ( waiting on a floating log delivery in case that's why) I don't see any root tabs poking out. My Tap water Nitrates are between 10 and 20. No algae, Fish is perky when he comes to greet me. Some of my plants are melting some have yellow leaves. But I expected that as they are all new. Here is a pic of my tank. It is 10 gallon. I have 11 root tabs on it. Could it be to many?
  14. Yes I do have root tabs in, about 8-9 for 9 plants. I'll stop the easy green for awhile. Most of the plants are root feeders. Only a few are water feeders. Thank you. Maybe I put too many root tabs in. Yikes
  15. Thank you. I feel better now. I will follow your advice.
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