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Problem with Endlers...


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No fry but this is the current status of the endler tank:

Big guy is more active and vigorous again, hiding less. He’s getting chased by the other boys constantly. I have never had fry and I’m pretty sure he has a gonopodium, but would the other endlers be attempting to mate with the big guy just as a form of harassment??? I don’t know what to think. I did do one round of levamisole so far but it’s hard to say if that helped, the extra wondershell helped, or if he just improved on his own.

any thoughts?





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On 11/26/2021 at 12:29 PM, Brandon p said:

I think you big guy is a big girl. If you want babies move the bigger one and two males with her or even one males so she is not stressed by the constant chasing.or add some more females to add to the larger tank

I can definitely attempt to move her after I’m finished the treatment just in case. I tried to net the fish out before and the little bugger swam under the sponge filter and hid from my net!

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Based on the coloration and size difference I do believe @Brandon p is correct on this being a girl. That would also explain hiding. Size does not matter to my guppy boys though. My tiny stunted growth guppy Ike that was stuck unnoticed in a planter and is always the smallest unless I’ve just rehomed juveniles and added fry. He is tank BOSS and lets the boys even when full grown know he is BOSS it’s adorable 🥰 those are some beautiful endlers you have. 


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Agree: belly and coloration scream girl.

And, I found a 6th endler in my bachelor tank who also tried to hide under the filter... so I picked up the sponge filter very slowly, and lifted filter and endler in the net.

Found my female🙄

She's now in my spouse's 4' tank.

Found more babies, but they are too small to catch🤦‍♂️

@laritheloud my breeding quality males will chase each other, flirt, and do the endler "jazz hands" and have been known to chase a submissive male until he loses all coloration. 

I've never had one get sick, but my bachelor tanks have 6" of pearlweed floating at the top.

They can hide

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