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The Accidental Oto Keeper

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Holding at 2 juvenile Otos in the tank. They are getting bigger, just under half the size of the young adults in the tank. They've got good round bellies. Not sure how much more spawning I will see in this tank since the addition of the Longfin Pleco, 7 Julii Cory and the 5 shrimp. Not sure they pose a threat to eggs laid on undersides of leaves but you never know. Here are a few pics of the 2 juvies: 




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@TheSwissAquarist, you would think that and yes the glass is rather clean, however, due to the high volume of bottom feeders (Otos, 1x Pleco, 1x Mystery Snail and 7 Julli Cory) this is the dirtiest tank I have- wiith food debris and wood debris all over the gravel and landing on the plants. This is temporary however, once the 200 gallon tank is set up they will all live there. 

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The Parent Tank is in transition, I've been taking things out and moving things in order to vacuum. Having all bottom feeders (besides Industry the Bolivian Ram) in the tank makes for a pretty messy tank! For now have a small piece of spiderwood in the tank, the Otos line up on it. Sometimes they totally cover it. (Zebra Oto near the top)



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