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Possible Ich break out


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Sorry for the long post but there's been a lot. If you just want to know the details of right now it's the last paragraph. I started this tank 3 weeks ago and probably tried to many things at once. Sorry fist tank. I started with a few plants and added frits ammonia and frits 700 to seed the tank. I also used some koi tank filter sponge water in my HOB. I then went on a trip for several days and dropped a couple small pieces of raw chicken in there to hold the ammonia. Came back and the tank was at 6 ammonia so got them out and did a change. 

After that I added some fish food and kept it around 2-3 ammonia. A week later I ended up getting a few nerite snails and since it was my sons birthday I got 6 cardinals and kept dosing with prime every 24-36 hours in small amounts for the tank. I did a 50% water change a week later and this whole time I never saw any nitrites. After talking with some people they suggested getting more bioload and use stability instead so I added the cardinals and betta and I've been dosing stability and prime. The day they got in I also did the med trio per the article below and everyone did fine and I fed them a little here and there. 

Well 2 days ago I decided to get the rest of my fish as its been 3 weeks and the LFS has been holding them for me but they don't have alot of space. I got them in and fed them the next day a little pinch of food and some betta bites. Everyone was fine. Last night I fed them bloodworms to build up some strength before having to fast again during being medicated again. I also did a 50% water change last night and while the water was low trimmed some plants back and added a banana plant and duck weed. SO I'm sure they're stressed. I also turned the lights out and left them alone the rest of the night. The water change did leave a ton of oxygen in the tank. Everything was coated in small bubbles so I left the air filter off for about an hour and it cleared up eventually. 

Just dosed the med trio again this morning and just now saw my khulis are all out and swimming like crazy and have a few white spots. They never come out in a group and if they do they're all hiding under a plant. My betta is acting stressed too but that might be because the khulis are all in his spot and going crazy. I also found my Hillstream loach dead. He must have been dead a couple days and died in the house where the khulis list as he was stripped of skin and all his fins were chewed off. I honestly thought he was a rock at first since he was all white. 

My question is, is this really ich and is that why my khulis are swimming around like crazy?

Tank - 29 gallon

Chemicals and meds used 

  • Stability - 10 mls as I just changed the water 
  • Prime - dosed for 20 gallons
  • Flourish dosed for 30 gallons so half a cap
  • Ich-X - 15 mls
  • Fritz Paracleanse - 3 packs
  • Mardel Maracyn - 3 packs

Dosed per - How to Treat Sick Aquarium Fish (Even If You’re Not Sure What’s Wrong) – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com)


  • pH - 6.8
  • GH - 6-7
  • Kh - 1-2
  • ammonia - 1.5
  • nitrites - 0
  • nitrates - 5
  • Temp - 78


  • Cardinals - 18 
  • Harlequins - 6
  • Pygmy Corries - 8
  • Khuli loaches -  6
  • Betta - 1
  • Snails - 6ish


image4 (1).jpeg

image3 (1).jpeg


image0 (3).jpeg

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That doesn't look like ich to me, I think it is either mucus or fungus. I’m not familiar with those things, but I would still add a little aquarium salt as it will insure that if it is ich, it won’t be a problem in the future. For that, maybe @Streetwise or @Patrick_G will know.

Next time you start a tank, I have to recommend Dr.Tims one and only. It is live bacteria in a bottle, but it gets even better. Unlike other brands, it cycles the aquarium within 48 hours, and you can’t overdose it. You pretty much dump in the whole bottle, and your done. ( @Cory, you should really carry this for the coop)

Nevertheless, good luck, and if I can help with anything else, let me know.

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It could be over production of the slime coat or fungal infection if it has a fuzzy appearance it more than likely a fungal infection   caused by your high ammonia levels what I would do is add an extra air stone and treat with ick x  as it requires daily water changes it will help to keep your ammonia in check I would also keep adding prime to detoxify any ammonia and cut back on feeding for a couple of days 

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@Colu they’re to small to really see but it doesn’t look fuzzy but I’ll follow that. The dose I gave for ich-x was the recommended 5ml per 10 gallons but they freaked out. However I also put in the other 2 meds at the same time. Should I just dose normally and keep an eye on them on them or just be proactive and do like 12mls instead of 15? 

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So a quick update. I changed the water out using a python. When refilling it there was a huge. Air bubble that pretty much was like using dynamite to go fishing. It killed one harlequin onesie toy because they’re nosey and wanted to see what was happening and caused gravel to go flying and buried a Pygmy Corey I had to get out. He’s hurt. A few cardinals are banged up and possible a kuhlis so I may have made it worse. Pretty sure I’m gonna have a few dead fish in the morning. 

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On 10/17/2021 at 9:43 PM, lmhicks101 said:

@Coluwhats your opinion on using aquarium salt during ich treatment and if you would then about how much per water change? 

Salt takes a lot longer to work against ich and at the levels needed to treat ich it not safe for plants or scaleless fish such as catfish and loach I would not recommend using salt for ich if you have ick x on hand

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