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Pregnant Molly


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I belive i have a pregnant Molly. Her abdomen is starting to square off. I was wondering 2 things. 

1. How long do you think it will be until she has the fry? 

2. Would a 5 gallon tank be enough room for her to be in for a while until she has them? 



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Could be any time that she drops the fry.  Very hard to time it just right.  I too will pull my females to let them have their fry in peace and quiet.  

A 5 gallon will be fine ...make sure to have some dense plants in there for the fry to hide out in so mommy does not decide to enjoy some fresh sushi.

I breed guppies and swordtails and platies and right now have 8x 20gal tanks full of fry.  I just separated the females from the males to slow them down a bit until I can get some larger grow out tanks going.

Please ask any questions you have I am here to help.

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On 9/25/2021 at 9:22 AM, Atitagain said:

It says you posted this 3 hours ago , by the look of her I’d guess she dropped them 2hrs 56mins ago.😯😯😯

Believe it or not she can get even bigger.  I have a female sword that is god aweful huge right now.  Been that way for 2 weeks...still hasnt dropped them.  I am feeding BBS and trying to get her to drop but she is holding them.  

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