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  1. Follow up question. Do mystery snails just lay eggs. The reason i as if I was getting some water out of the tank to check nitrates and I see one of my snails laying another clutch. Or is it possible they mated again and this is a second batch
  2. I was going to try and make something out of really fine mesh and suction cup it to the glass. The way of the decide to hatch at night they will be kept safe until morning. Then I can move them to a separate tank to grow out in. Or should I just wait a week or two and then move them into a container like the videos you provided
  3. I have some mollies in the tank that may snack on them. Should I try and create like a breeder box around them so when the start to hatch of I don't see them they have a fighting chance
  4. I was doing my weekly water change and when I removed the lid I noticed this clutch of snail eggs. I tried to change the water as fast as I could to minimize the eggs getting dried out. Is that a concern I need to take into account next week or will they stay moist for long enough to not worry about that. Also I have been doing some reading and saw that not all the eggs my be fertilized. How can I know if they are fertile and will produce baby snails. Also when/ if they hatch do i need to move them to a separate tank to let them grow out or will they be fine in my main tank. TIA
  5. Being new to the hobby I'm not sure what the cause is. I feed twice a day and try to keep the light(led) on for 8 to 10 hours a day. Is there anything else in your opinion to take a look at, or anything I should be doing differently. My tank as been set up for almost two months with fish. Is it possible that being a new tank i just need to wait out the issue and manage it the best I can with weekly water changes, and with time the algea will go away
  6. My decorations have stewed to grow brown algea and are being taken over. I have three otto's but they are still small and can't keep up. I have to do a water change today. I was wondering. Can i scrub the brown algea of the decor in old tank water in a bucket with my scrub brush? Also will I lose bb if I do? Tia
  7. I have a quotation. If I am using root tabs for my plants can I still use carbon in my filter or will the carbon remove the nutrients from the plants TIA
  8. Thanks for the reply. I was also looking at some Otto's as i have lot of little nooks and crannies in some the the décor. Would them being smaller work better in my scenario. I can scrub it off the glass when i do water changes so the glass wont be an issue its just the tight spaces of the decor and plants that i cant get to.
  9. I was wondering if anybody knows or has experience with an Albino Bristle Nose eating Brown Algea(Diatom). Thank You in advance
  10. Do you mix that into a cake for them to eat or just dissolve that into the water for them
  11. And the gold dust were supposed to be 1 male and two female. I will try and get some more pictures to help id them
  12. I don’t know. Sometimes it’s rounded and other times it is like that. How can I tell definitively a male from a female. I have three gold dust mollies and two Dalmatian. The two Dalmatian are supposed to be one of each based on what the LFS said
  13. I was hoping someone could help me out. I am wondering if my molly is pregnant. If so based on how she looks can you tell when she will drop the fry. sorry the images are upside down TIA
  14. I have those too but my other fish eat them before the snails get to them
  15. Is there any worry of it throwing my ph off
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