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Is there a corydoras whisperer in the house?

Karen B.

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On 9/8/2021 at 1:23 PM, Karen B. said:

I need someone to communicate to my corydoras to stop breeding like rabbits!!! I only have a 20 gallons…
And I don’t want to rate my aquarium for 18+ years old viewers only…


Cool water changes tend to trigger spawning, so changing water at the same, to very slightly higher temp will tend to trigger spawning less than a cool water change.  Keeping them overall slightly cooler will also tend to limit spawning.  Plus shrimp like the water cooler.  Having more hiding spots for the shrimp may help but will also provide more hiding ares for cory fry, so that may end up a wash.  Feeding more dry foods and limiting rich, meaty foods can also help reduce spawning triggers.  Plus overall skimpy feeding will help limit triggers.

Notice all these suggestions are aimed at “limiting triggers” not “this will prevent breeding” because, well, cories.  If you’re feeding lighter they will also tend to be more likely to eat their own eggs and fry, so at least you’ll be less likely to be overrun by them.

If you really want lots of shrimp, you need to keep them without fish or provide tons of hiding spots.

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