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Parasite or ick?


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Amman-0 nitrate 0 nitrates 10 PH 7.8 temp 77

Hello everyone first let me say thank you for all the help I know I’ll get secondly I’m hoping you guys can help I have an angelfish and now this Cory that has these spots on them. I bought 5 corys and 2 angels on Saturday and put in the med trio yes the corys went from swimming around to and being happy and eating and healthy to listless and kind of floating and I lost one this morning I noticed one of them has this spot and one of my angels has a few as well just curious what my next plan of attack should be. I don’t know if the meds made my fish not happy or if it’s something else and what I should use for these spots

thanks again! 




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It's hard to tell from the photos, but it does not appear to be ich. It could be bacterial infection (fish can sometimes get damaged during transport or when being caught). For bacterial infections, I use Marcyn. 

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Thank you both for the replies! I’m thinking it could be lice because it is off the fish already and was only on there for about an hour. The angels still has spots but to be honest t looks like something completely different just don’t know what is going on with the corys unless to much meds at one time

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