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Guppy Explosion


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On 9/4/2021 at 6:12 AM, Atitagain said:

It’s funny how intriguing it is to watch your babies, I was wanting different angles, zoom in a little, let’s see the BBS, interrupted what my wife was doing “look it’s babies “


I will do that…thank you for the feedback.  I am new to this whole video and YouTube thing and don’t have a clue as to what I am doing but your comments are exactly what I needed.  Thank you!

I will do a new video tonight!!


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@ARMYVET It’s fairly likely there’s more eggs in there on the plants, too.  They hatch pretty quick, 2-5 days depending on temp, 2 days for me at 78 degrees F.  I’ve not separated mine since my bronze cories are prolific enough without help.  Their eggs are sticky, though.  You probably won’t be able to let go of them without sticking them to the side of your hatching container.  Dean does a demo of this in one of his videos.  Stick them to the near side of the container so you can monitor them better.  He also hangs the specimen container on the inside of the tank to keep the temp stable (and has the water in the container at the same level as the tank so the container isn’t floaty).

Somebody posted on this forum a week or so ago about using one of the HOB breeder boxes.  He had it set up inside the tank so it would drain *out* into a funnel attached to a hose, then into a catch bucket.  He would top off the tank as needed to maintain the water level.

This let the MB get gradually diluted as the eggs were ready to hatch so the fry didn’t get too exposed to the MB.  Plus it keeps the temp stable.  The air driven water input was hanging from the edge of the breeder box with the lid off so water would slowly trickle into the breeder box.  I knew I should have saved that pic.

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