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IMG_20200821_141544867.jpg.066b52272731462402e30138d1343ba0.jpgHi! I've been out of the aquarium hobby for about 25 years. Finally have time again to start again. I have a 5 gal tank with a betta. Chico is a platinum betta male. He is a fun guy! He has a little fin rot. But meds are on the way. He still zooms around the tank and is eating. 

My husband found me a 40-45 gal tall tank for Free! It was at a yard sale. We got it home started cleaning it up and stripping sealer. It is currently in process to be my 1st planted tank. I want to have a few Angels with some Rams a couple Corydoras eventually. I found your videos on YouTube and then checked out the website. I put in my 1st order over the weekend. I. Really excited to have fish again. I just wanted to thank you all at Aquarium Co op for giving me great information that really encouraged me to get back into fish keeping. Thank you!



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Hi .... We are neighbors ..... I cannot believe how close you are to me and I am very excited to have located you today ...... I live so near to your location I'm at 5 corners for many years.  I've been out of having fish for a long time and slowly want to go back to getting some.  I've built up my house plant collection and I now want to start growing plants in an aquarium and I might as well look to including a couple of fish if I can.   I can only fit a small tank into my small apartment.  I'm looking for a 2.5 or a 5.5 gal  and I cannot go beyond 10"wide.  I can do 10 gal but it has to be 10"wide. I would like very small cool water fish.  If I had 10gal maybe I could have 2 medium fish ... haha ...  Today I enjoyed watching some of your YouTube videos. I'll be by your store to say hi it will be nice to meet you ....   

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