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Trouble growing water lilies

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The quality and source matters when it comes to bulbs. I got one from the coop and it had already sprouted in the bag. I just let it grow on the surface of the substrate and it rooted itself and I just buried another 1/2”. Bought another from my LFS and it was already a huge plant. I’ve not had success with big box stores bulbs.

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I bought one from the Coop in January and it's still just hanging around and doing nothing. It's not rotting and it's not growing, it's just hanging out and enjoying the scenery. They sent me a replacement two or three months in and it's done great. I've tried warmer water, cooler water, more light, no light, drying it out again, and nothing has impressed the dud. It's still just hanging around. It has to do something eventually, either grow or rot, but for eight+ months, it's just hung around. I was checking it yesterday to be sure it was still firm and it was. I'm giving it time, lots of time, and eventually it should do something. I just don't know when or what it'll do. The replacement bulb they sent is great though.

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I got some from petco And one of two sprouted just fine. It is currently taking over my tank. I guess I did not realize that they were significantly problematic to get good sprouts. But I did just leave it on the surface until after it was sprouted, primarily to know which side was up. 

An alternative if you have anyone around you with one; I keep finding small sprouted offshoots so have started moving then to my other tanks. This might be a great way to share and simultaneously help a friend clean out their tank of any extras. 


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