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  1. It’s going well! I ended up losing my white crown tail due to dropsy but have since added 2 more to make a group 5 since that is recommended. The biggest thing to know about bettas sororities from my (very little) experience is that it HAS to have a ton of plants or hides to block their view. My tank is 10 gallons (smaller than the recommended but I have so many plants blocking their vision that a lot of the time they don’t even see each other. I would definitely try to get females that have grown up together if possible. Mine were from petco (not from the same egg batch) and took a little longer to get a pecking order in place. But honestly I absolutely love it! They have so much personality and swim up in my hands and play with me all of the time. It’s my favorite tank that I’ve had. I know I just typed an essay lol but I say do your research and build the right set and go for it!
  2. It was a stow away from petco in the bag of ember tetras lol and the lady didn’t say what it was
  3. I know it’s hard to see but this is the best picture I could get… does anyone know what kind of shrimp this is?
  4. I just used the miracle grow. I got it from lowes
  5. I might get some back lash for doing this because some people don’t like it but really wanted try a betta sorority and I did!! I got 3 koi and 1 white crown tail along with 7 ember tetras, a nerite snail, and a stow away shrimp (not sure what kind) pictures of the fish below! I couldn’t find the snail or shrimp lol everyone seems to be doing well. There is obviously some posturing between the bettas but one always swims away. the shrimp was green and white… anyone know what kind that could be?
  6. Unfortunately, I don’t have a day during the week that I would be home to receive them and my husband is too worried he will mess it up to try and do so ordering online isn’t an option right now 😩
  7. It could have been grown immersed but I’m not sure…. I guess I’ll see what it turns into! I really wanted to get some CPD’s but no one around me has any. I’ve even asked around in the aquarium clubs and nothing. and yea I know they’re will probably be algae growth. I have bladder snail now but they don’t do a great job of cleaning algae so I’ve gotta do something else
  8. So I think I have finished planting for now! I added some red root floatersand I love they have already started growing new leaves and blooming. I was wondering though, if anyone can tell me what is growing off of my flame moss…. Taking any ideas for some nano fish to put in here!
  9. Lol I’m not confident enough to do no filtration yet but if I can get my hand on enough plants I might try it later on!
  10. This will be my first Walstad tank and I’m super excited! I used miracle grow soil capped with gravel and black sand. My plants are Anubius (not sure what kind), dwarf hair grass, flame moss, water sprite (floating), Amazon swords, and I think some kind of crypt. More background plants to come, but I wanted to show my semi finished tank!😁😁😁 Also! Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!! 09/19- got some Ludwigia repens today for the background! Hopefully it will keep its red color. Does anyone have some that kept the red color without co2? Also, ordered some red root floaters for the surface that should be arriving in about a week😁
  11. I’m going to try floating these next 2 and see where that gets me. If it does work I’ll just give up on the water lillies for now lol I’ll find something else take take up the space
  12. Maybe that’s my issue. I got mine from petco so they’re probably all duds…
  13. I put them about 1/3-1/2 way into my gravel. I’ve gone through 4 pods 🙄 and I cant figure out what’s going wrong
  14. Hey guys, I have tried twice now to grow water lily in my aquarium from a bulb and both times they have just grown fungus and pretty much started to disintegrate. Can anyone give me some tips on successfully growing them? I have 2 bulbs left and I really want to make sure I get it right this time!
  15. I reduced my lights throughout the day, I’m hoping that will help. I am also seeing hair algae on my water output and the plants surrounding it.
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