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Any idea what this might be?

A Moore

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Thanks anewbie! I’m treating with salt because there were still traces of what I think is Ich. We had an outbreak that I treated with IchX.  Lost two fish on the first day of treatment (rainbow shark and clown loach). After extending the treatment 3 days I noticed black spots on the blood parrots that were increasing and one of my yellow electric labs had dark bearding. I switched to salt and everyone already looks better. The dolphins chin is the biggest concern now. I’m hoping it will go away on its own and that it’s not columnaris. I’m going to keep an eye on everyone and give them some time. 

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Update: the dolphin was hiding and not eating, fins frayed. I treated the tank with Maracyn. He’s back to normal swimming, not hiding and eating but still has the sore on his chin. Should I do another round of Maracyn assuming it is cotton mouth or wait it out to see if he heals up? The other fish in the tank look great. 





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