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Algae issues…

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This is my 55 gallon aquarium. It’s been up and running for around 3-4 months and it’s stocked with 1 electric blue jack Dempsey, 1 jewel cichlid, and 1 butterfly pleco for now. I have a pretty good amount of plants in as well, about 1/2 root feeders and 1/2 water column feeders. I recently have had problems with brown diatoms, a little algae on the glass, and hair algea on the output of my filter. I decided to starter fertilizer to help my plants get the upper hand before it go out of control (seachem root tabs and easy green liquid). I dose easy green twice a week with a water change on the day of the second dose before I put it in. The algae as a whole seems to be getting worse…. Should I cut the fertilizers to once a week?  My lights are probably one too long: sunrise 5:30-8:00 and sunset 5:30-9:30, what should I set them to? My biggest problem is the brown diatoms because it’s covering the leaves and killing my plants. Any advice appreciated






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Is that a window to the outside? And a 4 month old tank is pretty new and it's going to take time for the substrate/tank to balance. I would wait it out as the diatoms eventually disappear. Adding snails and shrimp can help too.

If that's a window to the outside, you may have an unsolvable algae problem with the tank in contact with outside light.

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Yes, it’s by a window but most of the time the blinds are closed so little to no light gets through. 

unfortunately my fish are serious about eating any snail they see. Before I put them in there I had probably 50 bladder snails and with in a day they were all gone. I was hoping the pleco would help but I haven’t seen any change since he got into the tank

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