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Bonzai Tree Plant Ideas

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I’m starting a new 55/75 gallon tank. I have an idea of what I want the scape to be and my idea includes have bonsai trees. My question is what kind of plants ca I use as “leaves” that will grow well. I’ve seen Monte Carlo and moss as ideas but I’m looking for soemthijg unique. I don’t have any CO2 or high dollar fancy lighting nor do I really want to get involved with all that. There’s a lot of plants that look like they could work but I dokt know how they would grow without being in the substrate. Thanks in Advance!

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@ArkieB run a search for Bonsai Driftwood, and you will find multiple entries for driftwood that resembles Bonsai trees without leaves, these driftwood pieces are actually used by aquascapers to create miniature landscapes that resemble Bonsai tree landscapes by attaching your choice of moss, or Monte Carlo to the wood. Mosses come in variety from Java moss, to Christmas moss, Willow moss, or Phoenix moss, a.s.o. I did one such landscape a few years ago by combining several driftwood Bonsai with elephant skin rock, and some decorations purchased from a Bonsai store for a friend. I asked if I could post the photos but my friend wasn't keen on having me do so, so I won't, but I found a link to a gallery of several such Bonsai landscape aquascapes for you from Australia, and a tutorial by Adrie Baumann from Germany.


Here's the tutorial:


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