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Help with plant ID

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I ordered a random plant package from a retailer I've used in the past. It's a really good deal only catch is they don't tell you what they send you. Now that they are grown in I could use some help with identifying some of them. 

First plant came in fully green but now the stems are red and leaves have a slight red tint. 

Second came in bright red then started to turn green before I upgraded from my old nicrew to my current hygger light

Third plant came in pink then turned green until I upgraded my light. Now it's brownish red with pink veins. It also went from having about an inch and a half of stem between sets of leaves to less than half an inch. They're so short because I recently tipped them and replanted the new growth form. 

Forth has always been green. 

The final one is one of 2 from that bunch that survived the initial melt. And it's the only plant that hasn't shown noticeable growth since I planted the tank in June. 






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