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Lights, and time. Mine took a couple of months to get redder.

This one is under a beamsworks, gets fert, in eco complete (also a bit of tannins in the water):


This one is under a kids cheap led light, no ferts, gravel with a tiny bit of dirt under it:


Also, started these both from bulbs. They seem to be heavy root feeders.

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I concur.. Red coloration in (most) aquatics can be mainly attributed to strong lighting. CO2 helps too. Maybe you'd consider upgrading your Nicrew to a Finnex/Fluval or even a Beamswork like Brandy mentioned. All of those light options never fail to give me beautiful reds/pinks in my plants and I've used each independently.

If you have a photo, that would help too. @Brandy your lilies are beautiful!

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