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Fish Olympics


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I Nerm out about very few things, fish of course but also the Olympics. Back in the day (grade 5) we were studying Greek mythology and how the Olympics started and evolved. All of this happened as the 1994 Lillehammer Winter games were being held. Our big assignment was to make a scrapbook of sorts and do a few writing pieces. We did not have a TV in our house at the time and I had only ever seen pictures. My parents let me spend more time at the neighbour's house to watch TV and also gave me the funds to get the Toronto Star (newspaper) everyday so that I had all the pictures and information.  I got an A+ and was hooked. Tokyo 2020 Olympics don't officially start until tomorrow (Friday) but I have already been watching heats in rowing.

Soooo, if you are still reading....all of that to say this....

What event and what one of your fish would you enter in the Olympics. I know a few of you have some high jumpers or boxers in your tanks.

I would enter my Zebra Danios in the 100 meter race and my Bristlenose pleco in gymnastics, the postions he gets himself in are crazy.

GO 🇨🇦 GO!

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😄My Bolivian rams would get the Gold medal in conniving & guilting, the way they gather in the spot where I feed them around feeding time. It's as if they have a built in timer, what gets me the most is when I find that I have to go open a new container of sinking pellets and the looks I get when I go to get it; if looks were rolls I'd have a basket full at that point. They get so excited swimming up and down in anticipation of me opening the lid, as if they're telling me to get with the program already. 😁

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I nominate my clown pleco in the hiding category.  He/she hides better than any other fish I’ve ever had.  I haven’t seen him/her in weeks.  Of course, I do have multiple hiding spots including watering spike caves.  My plants have grown I so much I can no longer see into the caves.  I catch an “after lights out” glimpse every now and then that I *think* is him/her.  If he/she’s happy, I’m happy for him/her.  🤷🏻‍♀️

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