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Does anyone know what’s wrong with my dwarf frogs?


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My african dwarf frogs have started turning red and 1 has died. They’re shedding skin and it’s coming off in pieces. They’re also trying to get out of the water. Ammonia and nitrite are at 0, nitrates at 20. When I went back to the pet store the other frogs there were also looking red so I think whatever it is they caught it at the store. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I’m trying the med trio right now but is there anything else I should be doing? 




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Not sure, it's hard to see from the pictures. Do you have Maracyn on hand? I'd dose 1 dose of that to fight off bacterial. Bacteria is typically what spreads and kills fast. I don't see fungust from the pics, but hard to tell.

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There are number of bacterial infections that can cause redness in aquatic herpes.  One being like the red-leg syndrome. Also there are a few fungal infections too that can cause redness in frogs, like chytridiomycosis.  I am no herp expert, just doing this from memory.  I think enrofloxin (sp?) is the preferred medicine for stuff like red-leg. If I did not have that on hand, then I would use erythromycin (sp?).  I would also just for precaution use ich-x too in case their is any sort of fungus. Though I am not sure how effective that would be if it was chytrid. And chytrid is still sadly not uncommon in adf. 

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Just as an update, I had one more frog die yesterday. He started behaving the same way the female had, trying to crawl out of the tank. He looked quite red and his skin was ragged looking. Isolated him and treated him with antibiotics because it seemed to work last time. Unfortunately he passed away after about 4 days in quarantine. I'm not sure if it was the same thing as before since it had been a couple weeks since I finished treating and the frogs seemed to be doing well. I'm sure there was some early sign that I was missing until he started trying to crawl out of the tank. Figured I'll keep updating this thread in case anyone else finds it helpful. 

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