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How long does a tank need to become seasoned with pre-cycled filter media?

Gucci Gourami

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I’ve set up tanks with pre cycled media and immediately had an effective nitrogen cycle. I’m able to add fish right away with no detectable ammonia or nitrites. I’m careful to keep the bio load small in the beginning so I don’t overwhelm the bacteria in the pre cycled media. 
If we’re going by Cory’s definition of seasoned then it’ll take much longer as all the elements of the aquarium come into balance. 

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On 6/24/2021 at 5:27 PM, lefty o said:

cycled, and seasoned being two different things. one can effect an almost instantly cycled tank. seasoned, idk but would say a month or two.

I agree. If you are looking for something that depends on microscopic life form and biofilm such as shrimp in a rush grow lots of algae before you add them fan/bamboo shrimp my understanding is at least a year

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