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Hello, I just bought 5 assorted blue shrimp and a nerite snail from my LFS on Saturday to go in a 5 gallon planted tank as the only live stock. (Added photos just for fun) These are my first shrimp. I bought Hikari Shrimp Cuisine and Hikari Mini Algae Wafers for them. I haven't fed them yet as I'm letting them clean up some of the algae that's  taken over some spots in the tanks 

I have two questions. The first is the food seems to contain copper sulfate. I was under the impression copper was toxic to shrimp, but both of these are marketed as shrimp food. So do I feed this food or return it for something else? I'm not planning on feeding much of anything for the first little bit so that they clean up the tank a bit, and I am planning on giving them blanched zucchini on occasion, so the pellets would really just be for variety.
Secondly, I have already found 3 molts since Saturday, but I was under the impression that shrimp only molt every 3-4 weeks. Is this just coincidental or something to be concerned about? They seem active and eating well, although I can typically only find 3 or 4 at a time, but I believe they're all still alive. 

Thanks for the help! 



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Shrimp molt due to stress. Moving them new water params etc. it’s is a good sign they will do fine. Only ones I had trouble with did not molt right away. All living creature need a certain amount of copper. Shrimp utilize copper to reproduce blood unlike humans who use iron. When it’s the wrong type or too much is the problem.  

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