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Found 6 results

  1. Is FritzCoppersafe the product to use for this or does ACO sell a product?
  2. Hello, I just bought 5 assorted blue shrimp and a nerite snail from my LFS on Saturday to go in a 5 gallon planted tank as the only live stock. (Added photos just for fun) These are my first shrimp. I bought Hikari Shrimp Cuisine and Hikari Mini Algae Wafers for them. I haven't fed them yet as I'm letting them clean up some of the algae that's taken over some spots in the tanks I have two questions. The first is the food seems to contain copper sulfate. I was under the impression copper was toxic to shrimp, but both of these are marketed as shrimp food. So do I feed this food or return it for something else? I'm not planning on feeding much of anything for the first little bit so that they clean up the tank a bit, and I am planning on giving them blanched zucchini on occasion, so the pellets would really just be for variety. Secondly, I have already found 3 molts since Saturday, but I was under the impression that shrimp only molt every 3-4 weeks. Is this just coincidental or something to be concerned about? They seem active and eating well, although I can typically only find 3 or 4 at a time, but I believe they're all still alive. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello. My wife and I recently had our plumbing updated in an old house we are rehabbing. We installed all new copper piping. Should we be concerned about copper in our water as it pertains to water changes in our aquariums? We have 2 red eared sliders, 2 tropical tanks and 1 shrimp tank.
  4. Hi guys, The micro fertilizer that I plan to use is CSM-B Compound [0.134g/ml], which apparently consists of 0.1% chelated copper... I plan to add ~2 mL a week, that means I'm adding about 26.8 mg of chelated copper into the tank. I have a 20 gal (75 L) tank so that's 0.357 mg/L or ppm of chelated copper in the tank. Plus according to my city's water quality report, my tap water has 1 ppm of copper already. Based on what I've read online about the toxicity of copper to shrimps.. the tap water alone should have already killed them... They seem fine so far. But I've only had them for a couple weeks. Is this micro fertilizer safe to use with my ghost shrimp and apple snails? Could my tap water pose a problem? Thanks for you help!
  5. Over a week ago, I mentioned how my betta fish was showing signs of a parasitic infection (I’m pretty certain they are some type of gill fluke) and asked for some thoughts to confirm my approach. It’s been eight days so far of Copper Safe treatment. For the past few days, Samphan was showing much more normal behavior (doing his wiggle dances, being active and exploratory, not flashing or twitching). However today (day eight), he’s pretty lethargic and sticking close to the top. Not much gill movement (so no heavy breathing), no appetite at all (which is a new symptom) and occasional head twitching. I did a 10% water change and dosed Copper Safe only for the water replaced (as it is chelated and remains in the water for up to a month and until its water changed out). There was no behavioral change, good or bad. I’m unable to check the therapeutic level of copper because the copper test kit I ordered that was supposed to arrive the same day as the medication keeps being delayed, and there’s no other way I can get it. So I’ve been very careful to calculate the dosage amount and dose with a syringe to keep it exact as I can. I’m a little worried, given the lack of appetite and lethargy. I do know that lack of appetite can occur with Copper Safe. It could also be that more parasites have hatched and are now bothering him as well, as another thought I’ve had. But I want to confirm with you all if keeping the Copper Safe in the water (and still continuing treatment) is a good idea. What are all of your thoughts?
  6. Hey everyone, I am picking up some cherry shrimp today! They are my first shrimp! I was going to put them in my main tank, but I realized that I may have copper in there via fish food, and I am not sure what else I put in there that may have had copper. I was thinking about using my tap water (different than my main tank). But I am on a well and have lots of heavy metals (maybe copper). I was wondering if there are any ways I could get copper out of my well water (does water conditioner work)? I have seachem prime as my conditioner. I feed my main tank a lot of different foods (types of flake, pellets, and more). However it is planted, can the plants take out the copper. I just don't know where I could put them. 😞 Thanks
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