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  1. How many times a day do you feed them? And how many do you have in what size tank, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Ok first of all your tank is BEAUTIFUL. Secondly, how often do you feed them? Once or twice a day?
  3. They would just be with a few shrimp, nothing else, so I'm hoping that will make them more outgoing and less apt to hide. What type of flake food do you use, aside from the fry food, to get them to really color up nicely?
  4. That's my plan actually, is to put them in my shrimp tank. I can definitely get my hands on some frozen daphnia. Thanks so much for your input!
  5. I was hoping that I could get some personal experiences from hobbyists here that have successfully kept chili rasboras. I know they can be slightly difficult to feed, so suggestions on the best way to accomplish that without getting the water too gross. Also, my pH is a little higher than what I've seen recommended, 7.2-7.4 typically. Would this be tolerable for them, could they thrive and not just survive? All opinions and personal experiences are welcome. Thank you!
  6. Wow, thank you so much for all the info, super helpful. I think they're definitely some kind of flat worm, but if they're not harmful then I guess I'll let them live their best lives 😂
  7. I think they're flat worms of some kind, pretty sure whatever was mentioned below. Maybe I'll have to find a friend to borrow some guppy fry from to see if they can help clean up a bit 😅 Thank you so much for the info! I have been planning to try some spinach for them.
  8. I try not too over feed but it's so tough, I don't want anyone to starve 😂 I only feed once every other day, and I use a small glass shrimp feeding dish so I can remove everything after a few hours. I only put a few pellets in there when I do feed, but it sounds like maybe I'm still overfeeding... I'll definitely try the airline tubing when I do have to top off the water or do a water change, thank you for the advice!
  9. I how were you able to drip the water in with the airline tubing? I have a lot of extra, I think it would probably help to make any water changes less stressful. I didn't MEAN to change so much water, but I was trying to siphon up all the (literal) crap and I realized I had emptied half the water out 🤦🏻‍♀️ And I'm having these gross little white things come out of the substrate and crawl all over the glass, so I assumed that it needed a good vacuuming (they're not planarian, but not sure what they are). I feel so bad, I haven't had any issues at all since getting them. My water is super hard, and Neutral out of the tap. The fluval stratum I use lowers the pH a lot so I have a bag of crushed coral in my filter to raise the pH, which is now between 7.2-7.4. I feel like my parameters are within a tolerable range for them, I hope. I'm definitely not going to do anymore major water changes.
  10. Hello, I am very new to shrimp keeping and I need some help. I have 9-10 assorted blue shrimp (blue velvet I think and possibly some other color varieties) in a 5 gallon tank. The tank has been set up for 3-4 months, the shrimp have been in for about a month. I did a partial water change today, probably 50% to clean up uneaten food and waste, etc. After refilling the water, I noticed one of higher quality/larger shrimp flailing and flopping, swimming erratically and almost rolling around. I also noticed a small brown spot on the end of its tail. One of their shrimp is also swimming erratically, although not as bad as this one. Any ideas as to what could be going on? Is it dying, could I have killed it doing the water change? I'm surprisingly attached to my shrimp and I would be gutted if I did something to hurt or kill one 😣 I do have a short video of the shrimp, i will add it if i can figure out how to do so. I do have a picture of the shrimp, kinda head first in the substrate, but you can't see the brown tail spot. Thank you
  11. Hello, I just bought 5 assorted blue shrimp and a nerite snail from my LFS on Saturday to go in a 5 gallon planted tank as the only live stock. (Added photos just for fun) These are my first shrimp. I bought Hikari Shrimp Cuisine and Hikari Mini Algae Wafers for them. I haven't fed them yet as I'm letting them clean up some of the algae that's taken over some spots in the tanks I have two questions. The first is the food seems to contain copper sulfate. I was under the impression copper was toxic to shrimp, but both of these are marketed as shrimp food. So do I feed this food or return it for something else? I'm not planning on feeding much of anything for the first little bit so that they clean up the tank a bit, and I am planning on giving them blanched zucchini on occasion, so the pellets would really just be for variety. Secondly, I have already found 3 molts since Saturday, but I was under the impression that shrimp only molt every 3-4 weeks. Is this just coincidental or something to be concerned about? They seem active and eating well, although I can typically only find 3 or 4 at a time, but I believe they're all still alive. Thanks for the help!
  12. Ok, so I've seen about 8/9 more of these things since I posted this. Crawling on the glass, along the water line and even one hanging on to my floating plants. Is this something I should be concerned with? Id never seen them before I posted this originally, and now I see them everywhere.
  13. Hello! I was just topping off the water in my tank and it disturbed some of the substrate, causing some gunk to float into the water. While I was fixing it, I noticed this white squirmy worm (?) type thing in the water. I saw one more small one on the glass, too. I have never seen these before and I'm not sure if this is something I need to be concerned about? It's a 5 gallon housing just one beta, but he is not currently in the tank as he's undergoing a salt treatment in a hospital tank. Is it safe to put him back at the end of his treatment with these wormy things? (Normally the water is much clearer but due to the disturbed substrate it's a little cloudy right now).
  14. Thanks! I honestly have no idea what it's made of 😅 but I do think the top is a pressed type of wood, like particle board or something? I got it at a chain furniture store a few years back. I have been tossing the idea back and forth, and I think I'm going to try it, especially now with the reassurance and the advice!
  15. Thanks! Will it raise the pH gradually enough to not harm the fish?
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