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Gday from Australia.

New to the forum and the hobby. Thoroughly enjoying planted tanks.

Heres a few snaps of the first two tanks I've set up so far.

The 60ltr tanks established well though a few changes have recently been made, new cannister filter and a few more changes are in the works, slight re-scaping, a bit more plant maintenance and additions etc

The second 140ltr tanks only a few weeks old with a few new plants recently added. I scored a deal awhile ago on some driftwood that include a few anubias and crested java ferns. Ive had to tackle abit of algae growth on them but it seems to be under control and they're coming along nicely now. I recently added some vallisneria to help fill it in eventually as well as some crypts.




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Welcome! I really like the 60l tank! Be sure to keep up on pulling out the val in places you don't want it...once it gets established it can quickly shoot runners everywhere and take over your whole tank (at least that was my experience).

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