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  1. Welcome! I really like the 60l tank! Be sure to keep up on pulling out the val in places you don't want it...once it gets established it can quickly shoot runners everywhere and take over your whole tank (at least that was my experience).
  2. The Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder works great for me.
  3. Yeah, I'm with you there...who sells a common pleco to a kid with a 10-gallon aquarium? I didn't know anything about the nitrogen cycle and I mostly just bought fish based on how they looked without any knowledge of their temperaments or requirements.
  4. Got back into the hobby during the COVID quarantine. I used to keep fish when I was a kid, but wasn't very good at it--most fish died, other than a ginormous pleco that would never die and ate the flaked food upside-down from the top of the water and grew to take up my whole 10-gallon tank . When I was very young I loved watching our family aquarium and my first word was fish (pronounced "ish"). I'm up to three tanks (plus one 2.5 gallon grow-out tank with some shrimp and a bunch of algae that I don't count), all in my home office. I'm working on my wife to let me put a bigger tank in the family room. I'm trying a 35-gallon container-pond in the back yard this summer, but so far it isn't going too well. My favorite fish are danios.
  5. @Bill Smith, just made one of these yesterday and had to tell you that you took possibly my most frustrating task in fishkeeping (they really should take "Easy" out of the name, because getting these super-bouyant suckers to stay under the substrate, particularly in my tank that has the light Fluval volcanic soil, is a major PAIN) and you made it actually easy. It took me longer to find my root tabs then it did to insert them into my tanks. If we ever meet, please allow me to buy you a drink!
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