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  1. Thanks for the compliments, theyre getting there, still haven't decided what I'll be keeping in the large tank long term yet, so many options to choose from haha
  2. Thanks for the advice, and the compliment 🍻 (I believe that right now he is just looking for food on the pleco's body) I had a feeling this was the case and it wasnt anything more sinister lol.
  3. Gday from Australia. New to the forum and the hobby. Thoroughly enjoying planted tanks. Heres a few snaps of the first two tanks I've set up so far. The 60ltr tanks established well though a few changes have recently been made, new cannister filter and a few more changes are in the works, slight re-scaping, a bit more plant maintenance and additions etc The second 140ltr tanks only a few weeks old with a few new plants recently added. I scored a deal awhile ago on some driftwood that include a few anubias and crested java ferns. Ive had to tackle abit of algae growth on them but it seems to be under control and they're coming along nicely now. I recently added some vallisneria to help fill it in eventually as well as some crypts.
  4. Looking for some advice on Siamese flying fox and bristlenose pleco behaviours. My new SFF seems to gently "nibble" the pleco, it all appears quite friendly for now and no aggression has been shown. Both are quite young animals. Im not sure if hes sizing him up for a possible snack at a later date (highly unlikely) or being friendly due to lack of other tank mates (theres only those 2 plus a few cherry shrimp in the tank at the moment while I decide what to stock it with long term, and the tank establishes) He could also be nibbling the possible aufwuchs on the plecos body, I'm not sure what the go is. Any help appreciated thanks.
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