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Honey gourami baby - still too young to guess the sex?


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23 minutes ago, Stealth Aquatics said:

I honestly can’t tell their sex until I see the male get the black throat and try to breed. Idk if there is another way to sec theM beforehand 

Dang. I got a 'pair' of honey gourami from my LFS (plus a baby from another one) annnnnnd I realized that instead of the pair I thought I had, they mistakenly gave me a honey gourami (definite female, I think) and a sunset thick-lipped juvenile. So now I'm in the position of "Do I keep my baby honey and my female sunset honey gourami and return the thick-lipped" or just keep them all...

Nothing wrong with the sunset thick-lipped, it just wasn't what I set out to purchase.

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