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Is My New Pleco Sick?!

Alyssa Holdwick

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Two days ago, I brought home a tiny albino bristlenose pleco. He/she was and still is constantly roaming the glass. However, this morning I noticed my pleco has little dots everywhere! Do all albino bristlenose look like this? Does my pleco have Ich? My guppies and guppy fry have nothing visibly wrong with them but I worry they may get sick too since it's been two days.

Zero nitrite, nitrate, or ammonia as of this morning. 7.8 ph, 100-200ppm GH/KH.



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Yep, looks like ich.

Do you have a spare tank you can put him in to treat? You'll want to remove him asap to prevent the guppies from getting sick.

I would then treat with ich x. Aquariuk coop sells it and so does most big box petstores. 

Remember if you dont have a spare tank you can also use a see through storage rubbermaid. @Irene shows you how she does this here:


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