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  1. @Beardedbillygoat1975I would try and use the light it comes with first, as that could definitely save money, but I really dont like the lid it's connected to. It's a pain to take on and off and unfortunately it's impossible to do water changes without taking it off. I have the same style lid on my 37 gallon and the only reason I still use it is because I wasn't able to find another lid that fit it.
  2. So, ends up it's a 55, not 50 but it says its 20 inches high. I plan to get a fluval plant light but it may be stuck with the original plastic top led for a week or two if I can't find it in stores. I'm planning on NOT adding co2.
  3. This weekend I plan to start setting up a 50 gallon tank! It will be the home for a group of corydoras and my albino bristlenose pleco, Casper. It will be sand, and I have two different anubias plants on rocks that will be moved over. I have plans to cut up a very large piece of eucalyptus root and putting moss on it but besides for that I haven't picked out any other plants! What plants do y'all think would work well? The only plants I'm firmly against are java ferns because I honestly hate how they look.
  4. A couple of days ago, my mother and I brought a possibly dying betta. When we got him, he didn't have much color and was laying on his side. The same sideways position continued when he tried to swim, which was never longer than a minute. Most of the time he moves around my scooting around the substrate. Im happy to say he no longer swims sideways but he definitely is still having some problems. Mostly with swimming for long periods of time and eating. It isn't that he won't eat, he just can't swim enough to get the food. I've been feeding him my pleco's xtreme bottom wafers as a sort of temporary solution. Does anyone have a better solution to our feeding problem?
  5. So, I have a guppy named Daisy. I previously thought Daisy was female, the man at my lfs that helped pick out my guppies did as well. A couple weeks ago I separated my boys and girls because of how many fry they were having. Daisy is the same size as everyone else but I noticed that Daisy was the only one not pregnant and was chasing the others. I looked closer at the dorsal and anal fins and they were slightly different. I tried my best to get good photos but it was pretty difficult. Is it possible for a guppy to be a sneaker male?
  6. Two days ago, I brought home a tiny albino bristlenose pleco. He/she was and still is constantly roaming the glass. However, this morning I noticed my pleco has little dots everywhere! Do all albino bristlenose look like this? Does my pleco have Ich? My guppies and guppy fry have nothing visibly wrong with them but I worry they may get sick too since it's been two days. Zero nitrite, nitrate, or ammonia as of this morning. 7.8 ph, 100-200ppm GH/KH.
  7. I have tried that, even waited three hours past lights out once. It didn't stop them.
  8. Not zucchini, cucumbers yes. However my main problem right now is the guppies eating everything I try to give him. These guppies would eat the gravel if they could!
  9. I've previously posted about my clown pleco, Pennywise, refusing to eat tetra brand algae wafers. Pennywise has a wider variety of food now, but never gets to eat because the guppies living with him always steal it! Algae wafers, xtreme bottom wafers, repashy, veggies- they're all stolen! I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank that I'm considering putting him in. I know Pennywise can't live in there forever, but could he stay in there for a few weeks or months? He's only about two inches right now. I have a 37 gallon tank I'm setting up that I intended to upgrade him to but I worry the other tankmates (corydoras) will take the food as well and I'll be right back to step one!
  10. My new clown pleco, Pennywise, doesn't seem to have any interest in his algae wafers (tetra brand). Pennywise is still new to the tank so I didn't expect him to eat a lot but it seems to be only the wafers that he won't eat. He nibbles on the driftwood, the algae on the back wall, and the cucumber slice I gave the other day. Should I try a different brand? Does anybody else have this problem?
  11. I have an anubias that seems to come uprooted by the smallest things. Just today I moved some driftwood and it floated up without even being touched. It is not in a pot. Is there any way to keep this from happening? I am setting up the tank to hold corydoras and am certain they will constantly dig the anubias up constantly if I can't change this.
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