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Found 9 results

  1. Howdy Nerms! So my Rams have ick and I have treated them with ick X. How many cycles do I give the tank? Sure the fish look better after one day but after this first cycle do I stop there or do another cycle? Please share your thoughts. many thanks, Ted K A heathy looking black night ram.
  2. This morning I noticed a small white growth (pin head size, on back flank/side) and a single spot (pin point, top base of tail fin) on the sole Medaka rice fish in my 5.5 gallon quarantine tank. (Sorry no pictures as she is dead) [similar to one of the growths on Bettas in this thread.] I thought it might be ick as I had previously treated the tank (three cardinal tetras had a few pin point spots) after shipping three weeks ago. But they were treated and have been fine since. (The rice fish also arrived in that shipment, but we’re placed in their own indoor pond.) Possibly related details: I received four rice fish (3 female, 1 male) in my indoor pond three weeks ago and they were happy and healthy and immediately started breeding. I, unfortunately, went on vacation one week after receiving them for two weeks. They had automatic feeders and an air stone (no filter), and someone checked on all my fish (20 gallon, 12 gallon indoor pond, and two other 5 gallons) every few days and everyone was doing great. I did 30% water changes immediately before leaving and as soon as I got back. However, the sitter did not notice that three of the rice fish were missing, presumably dead. I did not find their bodies in the tank anywhere in or around the tank (or in my roomba) so I assumed the lone surviving female (or the numerous rams horn snails) must have eaten them. However, there were approximately 75-100 happy little fry. The lone female was chasing them and nipping at them, so I decided to move her with the other quarantine fish while I set up a second pond. She was initially being chased and nipped at for a few hours after transfer by a quarantining female betta who had been treated with levamisole for internal worms three weeks prior in the quarantine tank. So I decided to move that female betta back out to the community tank, as she is doing well and getting her white color back. It has been about 5 days and she was a little shy, but seemed fine, along with the other four new cardinal tetras (treated for ick previously) and three new French blue star endler tetras, when this morning I noticed the growth. She is a platinum rice fish, so it could have possibly been there a few days and I had not noticed, but unlikely as I was checking in on her everyday to make sure she was adjusting. Possible error in treatment: In order to cure what I thought must be ick, still in the tank from the previous fish, I treated this morning with Super ick cure (API), only 2.5 ml (recommended 5 ml/5 gal), and then after questioning if the white growth may be a bacterial infection I decided to treat with 1 ml (recommended 1 ml/ 10 gal, admittedly, this was a little high) of Melafix (melaleuca oil 5%, API). There was no activated carbon in the tank, and the tank parameters when checked this evening were: pH 7.5 (normal), ammonia: 0 ppm, nitrite: 0.25 ppm, nitrate: ~7.5 ppm, KH: 40, GH: 30. There is not temp gauge in the tank, but the others read ~80 F, and the high today was only 84 F (outside). However, my three nerite snails were all on the bottom of the tank looking in bad shape (I transferred them to the new pond to see if they would recover), but none of the other fish (3 endlers and 2 tetras) were having issues nor any of the many rams horn snails (adult and new hatchlings). I have done a 50% water change just to be sure it is not going to harm the other fish, but I am uncertain of the possible cause. Are Super Ick Cure and Melafix incompatible medications to be administered together? Or do you think this is likely the same thing that killed off the three other rice fish previously? Any thoughts on possible causes, and things to look out for in the other fish in that tank? And/or thoughts on possible conditions that may arise in the rice fish fry as they grow up from the previous pond? Thanks for reading this murder mystery…
  3. Two days ago, I brought home a tiny albino bristlenose pleco. He/she was and still is constantly roaming the glass. However, this morning I noticed my pleco has little dots everywhere! Do all albino bristlenose look like this? Does my pleco have Ich? My guppies and guppy fry have nothing visibly wrong with them but I worry they may get sick too since it's been two days. Zero nitrite, nitrate, or ammonia as of this morning. 7.8 ph, 100-200ppm GH/KH.
  4. Hi everyone! I was taking some Macro photos of my tank. There’s tiny white spots on my ember tetras. Is this ick? thanks in advance
  5. Hey! I need some help please, I have 2 kuhli loaches with weird white spots. I’ve had ick before however this doesn’t look like ick. It’s flat and just weird looking. I know ick goes for fins first but there fins are fine it’s only on their body. They scratch on things so I thought it was ick but everyone else in the tank is ok. I have 3 dojo loaches,2 kuhli loaches, 2 hillstream loaches, 9 neons, and a beta. My newest fish I added was a loach a little over a week ago. My tank is 3 years old and it’s a 55 gallon. My water temp is around 78 degrees. All the water levels are fine and normal. I had ick maybe 2 years ago and everyone passed except my one of dojos who lived. It got really bad but I took care of it. Now I’m not sure if this is ick because of how strange it looks. I’ll add some pictures to show you guys. I’m not sure if it matters but I have a bamboo and Anubias plant and everything else is fake. Please help me!!
  6. Wondering how do you spell "ick" / "ich" I know this doesn't matter as it is simmilar to toamto tomoto. But I was just wondering. I spell it like "ich"
  7. Hi everyone! I've been having issues with ick for the last 2 weeks on some Corydoras that I purchased. I purchased Ick-X and have been following the directions, changing my water 30% daily prior to applying the product. I was wondering why I have not seen improvement with my fish at this point. I think I found the culprit. I use a HOB filter (Marineland Emperor 280) with the Marineland filter cartridges. Little did I realize that the cartridges themselves have carbon on the back which completely ruins the Ick-X. I am very hesitant to remove the filter cartridge entirely and lose all of my beneficial bacteria. Has anyone run into a similar issue? What do you do with a filter like this when you have to apply meds to your tank? Thank you!
  8. Can you treat fry/baby’s for ick with medicated food or other treatments? Heat ick-x etc I have herd the answers no! Because there immune system isn’t developed yet please help???
  9. I treated for ick for 5 days with no change in the white spots on my the body and fins of my rice fish. So I started paracleanse this evening because I read it may be velvet? The fish seemed to be losing weight as well. Anyone else have this experience or go through this? many thanks, Tedrock
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