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5 hours ago, Patrick_G said:

Wow, that looks great for only a month of growth.  Impressive! 
I’ll have to look into the Walstad method. I recently bought her book but haven’t got around to reading it yet. 

It's extremely dense and reads like a science textbook, which is incredible if you are into all the research, experimentation, and discoveries she's made over the last 25+ years. She really has done an incredible job. But the book does lack "in depth" step by step instructions for setting up a tank using her eponymous method. 

On the other hand though, it really is that simple. 1"-2" dirt, 1-2" small gravel, heater, good lighting, and tons of plants. I also have a small powerhead to keep water gently circulating and a UV sterilizer to help me sleep at night. 

I posted a build log on reddit when I was putting it together: 


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