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Breeding Pseudomoguil Luminatus (Red Neon Blue Eyed Rainbowfish)

Ariel S

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I am looking for tips on breeding the red neon blue eyed rainbowfish (pseudomoguil Luminatus). I was lucky and was able to catch Cory on a stream and got some guidance on breeding these fish, but I still have a couple questions. I’m a breeding newbie!  

I have a spawning mop to catch eggs and have a plan for where to keep the fry once they hatch, but does anyone know what’s best to do with the eggs until they hatch? Do they need to be tumbled, in for example the egg tumbler Aquarium coop sells? Or are they fine to just sit in a tray with no water movement? or should they be in a small aquarium with an airstone? Do I need to add methylene blue? Any ideas on how much of so? 

do I need to do water changes for whatever I’m keeping the eggs in?? 

thank you everyone! 

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Well, I purchased the Ziss breeder box, I figured I would put the eggs in there when I get them from my spawning mop. Then let them hatch out in there. Then move maybe move  them to this 2.5 gallon tank I have with a tiny sponge filter for easy water changes. 

For food- I was planning to use the Hikari first bites, baby brine, frozen cyclops, repashy (not “cooked”) and maybe some super crushed flake food. 

this is what I do for my endler fry. But I’ve never dealt with eggs. 

do you think that’s an okay idea? 

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You should find success with your method. I’ve never spawned any of the blue eyes /pseudo’s. But other rainbows I know grow super slow, almost at a unbelievably slow rate. So don’t get worried when you experience that. The ziss breeder box will work. And most rainbows spawn with in the first hour you turn the light on. So you can watch for the behavior. 

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