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New Planted Aquarium - Lighting/Fertilizing Advice

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After 2 years of research and planning I'm proud to say I've finally set up my first planted aquarium! 😁 HUGE shoutout to @Cory for all the instructional Youtube videos, blog posts and advice on aquariums. And thank you to you all for the insight and motivation to start my own underwater ecosystem!!
All the plants pictured came from the Co-Op and have a few more on the way from LRB Aquatics. Below are my tank specs:

Aquarium Size: 75g
Lighting: Fluval 3.0
Substrate: 160lbs of Eco-Complete
Plants: Pogostemon stellatus octopus, Anubias, Val, Crypt Wendtii, red dwarf lily bulb, (pearl weed and rotala rotundifolia coming soon)
Filtration: Sponge filter, Tidal 75 (on low flow)
Fertilizer: Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green and Root Tabs

I've been seeing conflicting responses on when to best start fertilizing a new tank. Plants were just planted today and not sure if best to wait a few days to acclimate or begin fertilizing and planting root tabs immediately. I am also looking for lighting settings based on my Fluval 3.0 and depth of aquarium. Any advice is appreciated and glad to officially be part of this amazing community 😄


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I would start dosing now. It helps with the nitrogen cycle and will help to get your tank up and running faster. The roots tabs should could be used as soon as you want. I would put the root tabs under the crypts and dwarf lily first because they are pretty heavy foot feeders. The stem plants and anubias should be fine with just the dosing. Since you don't have any fish for bioload, I would recommend to start dosing a little heavy so the plants have some nutrients. Other than that, Good Luck! 

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I would absolutely not use root tabs with Eco Complete. I would start a lean to medium nutrient regiment immediately via water column dosing. Eco Complete is designed to absorb nutrients from the column and then release those nutrients back to the plant. Once roots are established, and you start to see growth, then hit them with your preferred nutrient methodology at recommended dosing.

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