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20210328_112023.jpg.8f06a2494b2d898d713d1d1895b6285d.jpgI recently started using easy green in a newer tank(month old with already established ehiem classic canister filter), nitrates jumped up too high and I didn't notice in time.  This is my first planted tank.  Don't get me wrong, in no way am I saying it's easy green's fault. Anyways end result turned into ich(most likey) or possibly stress ich.  I did add several fish around the initial e/g dose.  

So here's what I'm getting at.  I treated the tank for several days using ich x and was using prime as my standard conditioner.  After doing some more research though I decided that prime was most likely somewhat neutralizing the meds so I switched over to Hikari ultimate instead and dosed the tank with the meds and new conditioner for 3 additional days. Looks like the ich is gone now.

The main question I have is about when to start using easy green again after the ich treatments. I'm assuming from what I've read that ferts and meds don't mix, atleast for not increasing nitrates at times of stress/ disease. I choose to not dose ferts while dosing ich meds, was this the right decision? 

I've learned that everyone has different opinions on everything in the aquarium hobby and that you need to do your research. I've also decided that you need to narrow down the people you are taking your advice from to keep things consistent and Cory from aquarium coop is my top choice at this point.

Hey so that was a compliment lol





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Usually you'd wait a few days after treatment, do the normal water change and monitor the nitrates for dosing easy green. I can't quite tell, but are the background plants real or fake? Most of the plants up front besides the miss, would benefit more from root tabs.


Also just a note, prime and ich x/the whole med trio works just fine.

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Just to be clear, are you saying that it's NOT a good idea to use easy green or ferts during ich treatment.  Also I no longer use buckets for water changes now that I have an aqueon water changer. I have been dosing conditioner for the whole tank every water change bc the city water is added directly to the tank.  This was the reason for switching conditioners, do you agree with dosing for the full tank or just the water your replacing when adding straight to the tank.

Ps, most of the large green plants in back are on the background.

Thanks for a quick response 😁

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