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Found 4 results

  1. $15. Mostly because I like the idea of a fish tank that, in accordance with natural law, allows me to shout "WOODCHUCK!" and bruise someone's shoulder. Seriously though, it's in pretty good shape. The glass was pretty stained, but I got that sorted out no problem, good enough for me anyway. Not sure if it's been resealed, but it held water overnight. I'm still gonna reseal it anyway, just in case though. There are two reasons I'm even bothering to post it though. The first is that it's signed, and I'm curious who Pat. B. is. Tried to google it and didn't turn up anything at all so I don't think it's some old company or anything like that, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming it's someone who decided to make a fish tank at some point and put their name on it. Figured I'd see if any of you NERMs had any idea. The other thing is the vinyl 'wood' paneling here is cracked, and other than super gluing it into place I don't really know what to do about that. What would be my best option?
  2. My 55 gallon bottom seal popped at the front and emptied my tank. I was able to rescue the fish. No cracks in the glass that I can see. It only leaked out from around the bottom trim. My reseal plan is to remove the bottom trim. Clean it up and resealicone it in place. Then scrap out and replace the bottom bead of silicone. I was planning on leaving the sides untouched but wanted a 2nd opinion.
  3. Hi folks. I recently purchased a second-hand 55 gallon Oceanic tank. It appears to be in really good shape, with excellent-looking/feeling silicone. The one concern however is a small chip in the glass right on one of the corner edges, about 1/3 down from the top of the tank. I have watched a view videos about chip/crack repair on aquariums, and most use an epoxy or windshield repair kit. However, all of those were not on the corner of a tank, they were on a flat area. There were a couple videos of edge repair. One of them used a concoction of thin super glue and baking soda to create a ‘cement’ that was super hard and strong. The other used two new strips of glass, about 4 inches wide, and siliconed them to the aquarium glass. One of the two pieces overlapped the edge of the tank, and the other butted up to it, just like a tank. All the edges were then siliconed to create a seal. So, do any of the members here have experience with repairing, or attempting to repair a chip on the edge of an aquarium? Was it successful? What works? What does not work?
  4. Just thought this was something interesting to share. I keep mystery snails and had one that damaged it's shell from crawling out of the tank. I repaired it and he was actually doing quite well for quite a while. It died recently and I was very curious to see how the shell had repaired under the patch. The other snails in the tank cleaned out the shell fairly quickly (or at least before I found it.) I thought it was really cool to see how the shell repaired itself. (See pics.) One could argue he would have survived without a patch, but... eh, I felt it was borderline. I use plastic grocery bag and Instant Ocean Hold Fast Aquarium Bond Stick. It's a pain in the butt to do it but I like to give the snails the best shot at recovery. My experience has been that they live longer with the patch, but their lifespan is generally shorter than an average snail.
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