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  1. ymmv with job fish. If my kuhli loaches ate snails when I had them they didn't do it enough to put a dent in the population. They're sooo cuuute though. On the other hand, my electric blue acara absolutely decimates snails. I have 5 tanks and the tank he's in is the only one without any snails at all. Although I don't know if they all eat snails and they don't fit in a 10 gallon. Before I figured out it was him in his tank he took out the entire malaysian trumpet snail, ramshorn, and pond snail populations, several nerites and military helmet snails, and my two older mystery snails. I thought my tank was cursed until I caught him in the act one day. I also have an apisto macmasteri that regularly eats the ramshorns in one of my 20's. It went from a booming population to maybe 3 or 4 adult snails in the week I introduced the fish. I haven't seen any babies in weeks.
  2. Did all of the new leaves turn yellow and melt too? Do you have a picture of the full plant?
  3. A couple of your rainbows and the samolus (?) on the bottom left are still pretty bright, so I'm not having a hard time picturing that mental image. Alright, I think you might have talked me into it 🥳 I appreciate your input and time answering my questions.
  4. I have not seen anymore shrimplets in the cube tank, but are a lot of nooks, crannies, cracks, and plants they could be hiding in. At least I hope that’s what’s going on. Also, would it be unethical to feed my extra snails to my EBA? I have SO MANY and I’m worried they’re competing with my shrimp for food in this tank. ————— I found a red shrimp in my pumpkin shrimp tank. The color on it isn’t great and I don’t want red mixed into what I have, so I caught it and put it in my apisto tank since I don’t have anywhere else to put it. The male apisto ended up running into it and just ignored it. The red shrimp’s been in there a couple days now, so I think he miiiiight end up being ok, at least as long as I keep the apistos fed maybe. Bought my female apisto a couple different kinds of caves. One is the coop apisto cave, the other is a corner cave that goes under the substrate and has a stump entrance that sticks up above the substrate. Hopefully if she lays again she’ll feel more secure. ————— My downstairs tanks as of tonight! Not great, but not bad. I have a nutrient imbalance of some sort. I know there’s calcium in the water, but there are plants showing calcium deficiency. Everything that’s not a rotala hasn’t really grown this week and the rotala isn’t looking good imo. Potassium maybe, over fertilizing perhaps? I used the rotala butterfly calculator for the first time today and made a mix off of that. So I’m going to try dosing off of that for a couple weeks and seeing how that goes!
  5. The color is quite nice on the p series and your tank looks great. I especially like how bright the reds are. And you can actually see what color the fish are... unlike a certain fluval light lol. The week aqua also has more leds in it and higher lumens than the aqz, so I'm starting to lean toward the p. Would one 48" of the p series be enough to grow high light plants in a standard 75 gallon?
  6. How long have you had the sword? Those look like the round emersed leaves. If it is a new plant it's nothing to worry about. Just the plant losing its old leaves to grow its water leaves.
  7. I'm looking into replacing the fluvals on my 75 because I'm just over the yellow and I've narrowed it down to either an ledstar aqz or a week aqua p. also, does anyone have any experience ordering from aquatic motiv?
  8. I’m pretty excited, I saw my first red rili shrimplet this afternoon! It was so tiny! And thank you so much Nabokov!
  9. I really like your tank, but your pink crypt looks amazing!
  10. Little bit of progress update on the 5g! Trimmed and replanted a few of the rotala and s repens tops, cut the remaining stems to just above substrate. Added another crypt and a lagenandra meeboldi (pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but I’m on mobile and not going to tab over 😉). Now I get to watch them melt and hope they come back. I think they will because the roots I can see look healthy still. Rotala is filling in pretty well. I don’t know if the kit light will be strong enough to turn the rotala pink, but it’s at least strong enough to send it running sideways and turning into a bush. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with a light that comes in a kit before. The limnophila hippuridoides is starting to recover from the stems melting and have new, healthy growth since swapping from easy green to the dry ferts. There’s nothing wrong with easy green and I like it, I’m just more consistent with dosing with the dry ferts since I’m already at it with the other tanks. Jan 30 today, Feb 12 I also swapped out the filter because a very curious and determined killi pushed her way through the current to swim through the output slot and burrowed through the polyfil floss I had stuffed the box with and was swimming around in the filter 🤦‍♀️. She’s fine, but I don’t want to keep having to rescue her lol. And you can see the orange shrimpies have been doing a great job of cleaning the sand of diatoms. I am going to have to hit the tank with some chemiclean to take care of that BGA though.
  11. A bit late on the update cause I was layed up in bed For a few days with some ick the little one brought home from daycare. Regarding the eggs I guess mama got hungry for a midnight snack coz they were mostly gone by the next morning and completely gone by the evening 🫠 Or maybe dad got them, who knows. I’m not particularly fussed about it though because I have my hands full at the moment with other small projects.
  12. I have one of these. Comes with everything but the heater and timer and I love it. The filter is gentle enough for my tiny rocket killis, light is plenty adequate for plants.
  13. I use these in my aquariums that don’t have heaters in the canister filter. My oldest one is going on two years strong! I love these things. Slim, easy to hide, auto shutoff if water gets low or you forget to unplug during water change, and the temp display is on the controller on the cord.
  14. Oh my gosh, that puffer is just too cute 🤩
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