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  1. Why would it be live in plants I purchased? I have seen the vids on Corys warehouse. What kind of life span do they have.
  2. What is the bright Red worm that was attached to the Aquarium Coop Dwarf Sag Delivery received today? Hard to get picture only 1/8th of inch.
  3. I live in Wisconsin. Ice storms are the main worry, I remember power being off for three days from an ice storm. Heat can be a issue, But I just want to be prepared for ice storm damage. Thanks for all of the information, I have a 75 gal, 29 gal, 15gal, and 3 gal.
  4. What are your recommendations for backup power when you only have a couple of tanks.
  5. I have cut my light to 6 hours, but is it better to run the light during the daytime or into the evening. My tank has indirect room light during the day time and lights and TV during the evening hours. When will I get the most benefit to slow down the algae. I work during the day and would miss seeing the tank if it is off during the evening with dark at 5:00 pm now.
  6. Having hair algae problem and was wondering if the Siamese Algae eater will get along with the guppies and shrimp?
  7. Was planning on setting up my 75 gal tank as a planted tank this fall. Weather is starting to change fast. What is the success rate of receiving live and healthy shipments of plants and fish in cold weather. (Set up first planted tank this summer.) Currently all shipments I receive, even overnight shipments are taking at least one day longer. I am wondering if I should just wait until spring to set up tank due the the weather, do not want to kill plants or fish.
  8. I currently have 4 Short nosed green shrimp in the 29 gal low light planted guppy tank that has some hair algae. Can I put Amano shrimp in there also or will there be issues.
  9. I have had them in since the beginning of August. They melted as expected, but so far each plant has leaves one inch long, they are smaller than all of my plants foreground plants. I have a low light tank, 29 gal, PH is 8.4 use Aquarium Coop Easy green and root tabs. I have found that all stem plants I have tried to grow die. I am beginning to think the light may be just to low. Cryps grow, Java moss is growing, Sword plant is growing, and Aponogenton Boivinians is growing. I planted Indian Fern Watersprite, but barely growing in the substrate, pieces floating are growing great. First planted tank in 20 plus years of having aquariums.
  10. Yes, it is a planted tank and I am afraid that the cover will block enough light that even the low light plants will have a hard time growing.
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