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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, Unfortunately we don't ship live fish. Our stock lists are for our retail store customers. They are posted once when the shipment comes in and not updated after that. If you're looking to purchase live fish and live outside of Washington state, you can get more information from our web page on sources to buy fish. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/live-fish
  2. Hey there! I’m expecting an order from Twin Cities Guppies this week, and I have a few questions. I’ve had fish in the past, but I am new to buying fish online as well as using a quarantine tank + meds. My biggest question: is there anything I need to do differently when my fish are shipped? My concern is that the fish will have already gone without food for a few days and then a week without food during the med trio- isn’t that too long? When should I feed them? How long can they go without and be okay? Are guppies sensitive to meds at all? What day should I feed them after receiving and acclimating them? Should I hold off on the meds for a few days? thank you!! https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/quarantine-tank?_pos=1&_psq=quarantine&_ss=e&_v=1.0 I should add that these are the resources that I’ve been using to get my quarantine tank ready^^
  3. I’ve been slowly working the problem of shipping live fish. We live inland US, far from any major distribution hub. I’ve figured out how to use UPS Ground, but the trucks and layovers are not air conditioned. It’s fast, but risky in high heat. I can use USPS Priority Mail, but the arrival times are not predictable. FedEX is not clear yet... we don’t have a shipping store here. What do y’all do??
  4. I ordered fish from Flip Aquatics. I ordered 5 Panda corydora (received 1 extra YAY) and 3 otto's (that is all they had left 😞) to add to my 2 existing in the 40 gallon breeder tank. Although I paid for the 1 day shipping, it suddenly got SUPER hot here in North Carolina (over 95 degrees' in May!) I was VERY concerned about my fish. When they arrived, I checked that they were all alive and doing well. I then floated them in the aquarium (as I usually do) put the timer on for 20 Min.. and began to read the information in the package. It said on the info card DO NOT FLOAT THE BAGS!! Well, it was to late, at this point I had 3 minutes left. I usually am a float, then into the QT tank they go. The bags that are used are a self breathing type (which is why they had no air in them). I have never seen these nor ordered online fish where these were used (hence my initial error). They are all doing great. I have had them for 7 days in the QT tank. Per the instructions, I could have KILLED them! Does anyone have experience with these types of fish bags? my QT tank is a 10G so I am limited in space to temp acclimatize fish. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated so I know what to do the next time I order fish from a retailer that uses these bags.
  5. So I have a buddy and I have started breeding a few live bearers and we have a few people who are intrested in purchasing them but we have never shipped fish before. We are having a small issue when trying to locate info. Where can we get sheets of styrofoam to line the boxes we tried amazon but still feel like we could get it cheaper and higher pack counts then 10pc of 2x2 for $48 Also what kind of shipping should we try to do if shipping through ups. Not sure if there is a special live animal shipping or would the standard over night shipping be good enough? We want to make sure fish stay as safe as possible.
  6. I've received many overnight shipments of live fish for which I paid from $30-$50 for shipping. BUT when I try to ship fish continental US overnight I get quotes of $120-$160. Wattley ships anywhere in Florida overnight for $30. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Do people generally put any sort of supplement in the water with their fish when they mail them? Do i need a heat pack? How many fish per bag? (1 month old mollies) Would putting carbon in the bag with them be a good idea?
  8. I ordered two rams with 2 day shipping but UPS decided that they will come tuesday late and thats 6 days shipping not the 2 I paied for. Will the fish have posibility to survive? or is it impossible?
  9. At what temperature do you stop using heat packs for shipping live fish?
  10. I placed an order from Aqua Huna and the shipping has been delayed. It will be in transit for ten days. Will the shrimp and snails survive? I'm worried about their wellbeing.
  11. I will be shipping using breather bags in the next month or so. I have read the horror stories of breather bag seams busting. Would you re-seal the factory seam with an induction sealer prior to adding water and fish to try and avoid that risk? Would that be likely to solve the problem or cause some other issue ? v/r Matt
  12. Ok, so I have never shipped fish, and until this year I have never even considered shipping a live anything in the mail. I find I enjoy breeding them though, sooo...Not trying to make a million, just need to make space and break even on food and shipping costs. For those of you who have or do ship, a few questions... Is it worth it? Cost and failure rate to ROI? What are the most stress free methods? The most cost effective? Are those the same? Packing tips?
  13. I have just begun selling fish online and shipping them this past year. But recently I have had a string of problems. I ship with breather bags and in the last two weeks I have had around 10 shipments to not make it fully alive. In those, the breather bag has exploded but the rubber band is fully in tact. I can’t figure out if it’s too cold or what is going on. Many times one bag will be fine and the other will not make it. I’ve shipped many different ways: styrofoam cut outs, insulated coolers, and even insulation in the entire box but it doesn’t seem to change the outcome. I started shipping in October and have had around 50 orders fulfilled with only two not making it. But in the last two weeks I have had around 10 to not make it. I have stopped shipping until I can figure out the issue. I’m thinking it is the cold but maybe someone else could chime in and help me out. Maybe air pressure? Thank you in advance!
  14. I have been drooling over some cool guppies I saw online, but I have not been able to really find them anywhere but on Ebay, or in Thailand. I was to scared to spend the money to import them but I finally decided to take a shot on some that are probably first generation (or 10th?) americans. So I bit the bullet and ordered a trio. I got a tracking number, and cleared a 10 gallon, asked the seller for water parameters (VERY hard water) and brought the cycled tank up to as close as I could get while I anxiously waited. The tracking number showed no progress for 8 days after they were supposed to be shipped, and I contacted the seller to find out if they actually were in a box somewhere, or if they never left. The seller gave me no information and supplied a new tracking number, so I assumed there was a goof and the fish were never actually shipped. 2 days later they showed up, healthy, fine, a little duller than the pictures and kind of skinny. I left a good review anyway, and started them on a round of levamasole immediately, and offered baby brine which got them eating. They perked up, but still seemed small and duller than I had expected. Three days after that I got a second trio, this one was GORGEOUS, and one of the females had dropped in the bag and not eaten the fry. Wait...what? The first set was in the mail for TEN DAYS. Aside from being hungry they seem fine. I am flat out amazed. I LOVE GUPPIES. So for the record, I ended up with 6 fish + about 15 fry for the price of 3. I have contacted the seller and offered to send more money--obviously.
  15. I've watched quite a few videos on shipping fish, and the general consensus on packing is pretty clear: Insulated box (most people just use foam panels) Heat pack in winter (attached to the inside of the box and separated from the fish bags themselves) Filler of some sort to keep the fish bags in place (I've seen packing peanuts, blown insulation, and newspaper. Fast the fish for a couple days before shipping Double-bag Make sure there aren't corners for fish to get trapped in (double-bagging usually solves this) What doesn't seem clear, or where people differ: Water volume -- too much and the shipping charge skyrockets, too little and you risk polluting the water. So what's the optimal amount of water to get, say, a trio of guppies, safely through the mail in 2-3 days? How much more if you were shipping a chunker, like a 4-5" oscar or fancy goldfish? Air -- A lot of fish shippers seem to use straight O2, and others just regular air. The advantage of the O2 seems to be higher water:air ratio, but could be other circumstances that call for O2 over regular air. Then of course there's the breather bags, which seems to be the better solution except in certain cases (e.g. fish that can puncture the bag). Water Source -- Some people just use the tank water, others use fresh conditioned water, and some use half and half. Anyone with lots of experience shipping fish care to chime in? Always good to have a solid foundation of good practices for anyone starting a breed-for-profit setup!
  16. Hi all. I am relatively new to all this fish keeping business, but am enjoying it immensley! but I do seem to have a problem getting fish shipped to me. I received an order today, with 8 guppies and 10 shrimp. order shipped out on Monday, and arrived here today (Wed). I picked the package up myself at the post office. the box was quite warm when I picked it up, and on the ride home I realized that something smelled rank in the car. when I opened the box the smell was awful! everything was dead, and starting to decompose. the packageing was good, heat pack still warm and as I said, the time was not out of the norm. Shipper has a good reputation, and I'm sure we will work something out, and I know this was probably not their fault, but I am wondering what could have happened? I should add that about a month ago, I ordered fish off ebay, and they got 'lost' in the mail sort of. spent 7 days to get here. all were dead (but not decomposing). I put that off to the time in shipping, and the fact that the box was not labeled as live fish or fragile, and determined that I had best stay away from ebay and stick to a well recommended dealer. Again, I'm not upset with the shipper, just trying to figure out what could have happened to my poor fish on the way here.
  17. I’m looking at purchasing fish on Aquabid, but shipping is likely 3 days. It seams awfully risky/hard on the fish. Anyone with experience on shipping fish other than over-nite?
  18. I just ordered live fish on the internet!?! Technologyis wonderful. I found a supplier local to me (about an hour away; it would probably be cheaper to drive over and pick them up, but Covid) who will ship ground. I have high hopes considering their water parameters will be similar to mine and the fish get to cut out the "middle man" and travel directly from the tank/pond where they were raised into my tank. If all goes well, I'll use this supplier to stock my upcoming 55g molly species tank; they have some gorgeous livebearers!
  19. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy some new fish from California. The location is 600 miles away from where I live and the farthest I've bought from was 300 miles away. What is your rule of thumb of how far is too far? And how far have you bought from before? Thanks!
  20. Hi all: I was reading a post this morning about someone lamenting that they couldn't get AC products shipped to them outside the U.S., and so I hit Google, wondering if there were forwarding services out there for individual consumers, who could re-mail them outside the country. Turns out there are. Now, I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, and I am not interested in promoting any particular service (just helping the community get some crucial products), but as an example, I found a service called "USA2Me" (Google it) that does exactly this. It gives you a U.S.-based mailing address, and then allows you to forward a package to yourself outside the country. Of course none of these services are cheap, but I imagine it could be worth your while if your order is big enough! And of course there's no way AC could possibly guarantee any such orders, so that's a risk you would have to take. Anyone tried anything like this? Maybe too cost-prohibitive or risky? Bill
  21. Was planning on setting up my 75 gal tank as a planted tank this fall. Weather is starting to change fast. What is the success rate of receiving live and healthy shipments of plants and fish in cold weather. (Set up first planted tank this summer.) Currently all shipments I receive, even overnight shipments are taking at least one day longer. I am wondering if I should just wait until spring to set up tank due the the weather, do not want to kill plants or fish.
  22. I see a lot of stores use heat packs to ship fish during colder times of the year, but is there like a cut off temperature or time most stores stop shipping? I'm in the snow belt in upstate NY, and while we don't get as cold as Minnesota or North Dakota, we do get down to single digits for quite a few days each winter. I won't be ready to stock my newest tank until early November, but maybe as late as December. Temps will hover around freezing most days during that period, will they still ship then? TIA! {EDIT} I realize I can just contact a few stores and find out what their polices are, but I was hoping to get sort of a general rule for shipping
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