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  1. I just want to let all the newbie high tech aquarists. Don't use a Fluval Edge aquarium. In fact I would not get this tank again for any type aquarium.
  2. A little sand paper for works for a quick fix too. However, bleach is the best.
  3. What is a safe amount to rase my nitrates in a given amount of time? Can I go right to 10ppm with no ill affect on my fish or shrimp?
  4. My bottles always start off clearish but when I get the end its black and it still works
  5. Did I forget to mention I am using fulvul edge tank. So yes I have had a fun time learning how to use co2. A moment of silence please for all the reasons this tank is a bad idea to learn how to use co2 with. That being said I think KOI hit the nail was the head. Right about that time I was having some after lights out co2 build up. Wich I didn't notice till a week or so after the day the shimp died. After all that I think I'll be more aggressive with the Seachem nitro. Next question what is a safe amount of Seachem Nitrogen to dose in one shot? Or what is a safe amount to rase my nitrates in a given amount of time? Thanks
  6. I can't seem to get my nitrates above 0 How should I rase my nitrates without kill my shrimp. Did that once☹️ Ezgreen .3mL and Seachem nitrogen .5 mL every day + others as needed This is a heavly planted high light co2 six gallon so small mistakes with ferts kill live stock! I just got my alge under control so just some minor spots. Let me know if you like more info Thanks! iGoatFish
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