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  1. This is my first time hatching killifish eggs so please indulge me! I added the water on June 3 and today I've noticed a fry swimming fry and 2 other eyed-up eggs about to hatch. There is supposed to be 30 eggs but I'm not one to sit and try to count - I am just happy that I am having some degree of success! Species is Fundulopanchax gardneri Nigerianus aka "Steel Blue Killifish"
  2. I've noticed that too! It and my Spikey moss have really exploded! I'm happy about it though as I want build a RCS colony. PS. I can't unsee Clifford!
  3. Yes it is! 🙂 And thank you - I'm pretty happy with the growth, especially since this is my first time trying plants.
  4. Then - March 7, 2021 March 27, 2021 April 23, 2021: Now - June 3, 2021
  5. Nerites eggs... the only down side to having them imo. I have a couple of them in my 33 gal. I believe only one is female because I don't get that many eggs. The first time she laid on the backside of a large rock so they weren't visible from the front of the tank - I was happy about that! Next couple of times she sought out the largest piece of driftwood. I was able to dislodge with end of planting tweezers but I like the chopstick idea @NanoNano! I'll give that a try since I noticed a few more "seasame seeds" on the wood today.
  6. Why not just add the sponge filters while HOBs are stilling running? It'll allow BB to establish on the new filters while they continue to work in HOBs. I always do this when planning new tank (or swap a sponge from established tank) but I also run 2 HOBs and 2 sponge filters in my 33 gal (always prepared for another tank!)
  7. Id suggest some moss - shrimp love it and it's great at hiding things like filters. Either glue to rock/wood/grid, etc.
  8. Agree that Water Sprite is MUCH faster growing and still provides great cover. As for mosses, Spikey moss is supposed to grow quicker than Java. I just bought both types a couple days ago so haven't had time to see if true or not, but throwing it out there. ETA: My Rotala h'ra seems to grow decently fast and can could be another fry cover plant when packed in bunches.
  9. So I inherited a betta with a 5 gal tank almost 2 months ago. I put him my cycled 33 gal instead. When he came, his fins were damaged. Since then, he seems to have pretty good regrowth. I'd like to keep a journal of his recovery 🙂 Before March 26: Today: th
  10. Do you guys name your fish?
  11. @Cory Ok, thanks. I'll likely leave it in (it's in the filter compartment right now and I have no other use for it) and try some of the other things you suggested. I only have 3 RCS in there now but as they breed, I'd like to make sure there's adequate calcium to support and maintain the population growth.
  12. So I've read about folks using cuttlebones in their tanks, especially shrimp and snail tanks, as a calcium supply instead of crushed coral. What your thoughts and experiences?
  13. Thank you! That's the "dawn" setting on the light. It's my favourite too, although I do some more white light mid day. I am thinking about doing a moss wall on the right to hide the ugly algae covered gray panel. I think the shrimp would love it and it'd be more visually appealing. Right now I only have 3 RCS in there. I had ordered more Fire Reds but they were out of stock 😞 There are some local breeders around so I will get some soon. I plan on breeding them. There's also 5 guppy fry renting some space while they grow out a bit. I will add them back to their usual 33 gal once they get to size.
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