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  1. There are 9 other Celebes Rainbowfish, and 6 corydora sterbai, and 6 Nerite Snails
  2. So I just noticed this today on my Celebes Rainbowfish, in between his head and top fin. Wondering if maybe he just scratched himself. Here are my parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 ppm PH: 7.5 KH: 80 (If I am reading the strip right) GH: 75 (If I am reading the strip right) Temperature varies between 79-81 Was the first time I noticed it, and it wasn't there yesterday. So figured I should reach out.
  3. Hello! I have been looking at different ideas behind stocking my 29 Gallon Tank. I know that I want an Apistogramma trying to decided behind a Cacatuoides or an Agassizii. Both are very pretty and I am really wanting to get a nice centerpiece fish. I have seen a couple tanks my size that also do tetras, and Dwarf Gourami, and I am wondering if this would be a good idea, and if these would be hardy fish that would do well? For the clean up crew I am thinking Nerite Snails, and Trumpet Snails as I don't really want to get any Corydoras, or Plecos (While fun fish to keep I am sure. I am really looking for the visual of swimming around and having something fun to look at. I consider myself relatively new at least to the freshwater side of things, I have done Saltwater in the past and kept Clowns, Gobies, and firefish before. But since I am entering the new world of a planted tank. Felt I should get some feedback. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everybody, I am about a week and half into cycling my new tank and I am seeing some growth of an orange brownish algae. I just want to get some feed back that this is what I think it is and that it is Diatoms. I guess my question is do I siphon it off the wood and plants that it is growing on or leave it and continue to monitor things through the cycle. (It is exciting to see the growth in the tank even if it isnt the prettiest thing to look at) 🤣 But I am wondering do they go away after the cycle is complete or do I just remove them manually? I am dosing with Easy Green, and I dose with Easy Iron once a week. I also have easy carbon but I have not dosed with that yet. Thank you for your help! I have been learning alot as I go throw the process and learn from you all!
  5. Yes I have put root tabs into the Eco-Complete substrate under each of the plants so that will stay in the substrate and I also have dosed twice with the Easy Green Fertilizer.
  6. Hi all! So I have had my planted tank for a week as of today, and I have a few questions. Should I wait before doing water tests with the API Master Water Testing Kit or test as I go through the cycle. Should I have waited to plant until it the tank had cycled? I have seen answers go either way, my Vallisneria appears to be "melting" which I understand is normal as it adjusts to the new tank. I guess my question is when should I worry that it's gone? I did do a test this morning. Nitrates looked to be at 2 PPM, Ammonia was 0, and Nitrate was 0. PH was 7.6 on the standard, 7.4 on the High PH Test. Im wondering if these numbers mean anything at all in this one week. I feel a bit dumb to be honest cause I watch videos, and read articles and everything seems to either go in either direction. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone! I am a few weeks away from finishing the cycle of my planted tank but I have been watching a ton of videos on stocking ideas for my 29 Gallon planted tank. I really like the idea of getting either a single or mated pair of Apistogrammas for the tank. But as I study and listen to videos on ideas I like many options but I am just so uncertain about what would go well. I'd like to have a clean up crew in addition to a small community tank with the Apistogrammas' being the "centerpiece fish" Just wondering about stocking ideas as I monitor the tank for cycling. Thank you in Advance!
  8. Hello everyone! So I have had tanks with some success in the past, both freshwater, and saltwater, but has been about a year and so because of that I always reset because I have either slept since then and forgotten something or learn something new as I research things. I am wanting to get back into the hobby with my first planted aquarium but I want to start off well and set up for success. I realize there are dozens of opinions on how to begin but my tank will be 30 gallons. One of the first things I always try to figure out is what would be the best substrate. I realize there are dozens of way to go about it, either gravel, fertilized soil, mixing substrates. I live in North Texas and plan to visit some of my local fish stores in the area to get feedback as well but I know they are focused on earning a profit and will want to make a sell. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for someone coming in to learn for their first planted Aquarium. Thanks in advance!
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