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  1. My new 10 gal QT tank is finally set up. I added 4 Julii Cory cats. 1 was dead in the morning (was very pale when I got him, so not surprised). I noticed 2 more were pale with bulging eyes. I had dosed the tank with 1 tsp ich X and 1 packet of Maracyn. Brought in 2 more of the same fish (store exchanged for me). Had to go out and the 2 with the bad eyes were dead when I got home. They all came from the same source, so I want to treat for the popeye (assuming that’s what is was) since they all shared the same water and from same source. Is it safe to continue Maracyn treatment even though that 1 dose of ich x was put in? Is Maracyn the best treatment? Don’t have any pictures as the remaining fish look ok right now. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate temp 78-79, ph 7.2, very hard water
  2. That's what I was thinking. Should I continue daily water changes though? Would that even help to continue getting rid of the Ich in case that's what it is? Or should I leave the Ich-X I put in yesterday in the water and just leave it.
  3. I had a very mild case of ich in my main tank - 45 gallon. Cory cats and my new guppy flashing and a few white spots on my glo tetra fins. I wanted to treat it right away. Started doing 25-30% water changes and Ich-X daily. Treated for 40 gallons to take substrate and decor into account. I'm on day 18, and while most of it I believe to be gone, my one glo tetra has a stubborn spot on his tail that has been there for 11 days now. I already lost my hillstream loach when my heater system malfunctioned and got too high for him, which is when I dropped it back down to 80 in an attempt to save him. He died, but I don't want to keep stressing the fish with temperature changes, so I'm keeping it at 80. Question is, all 4 of my cory cats have lost significant color and so has 1 of my oto cats. I don't want to lose them to the treatment, but I don't want to stop too soon and have to start over either. Some say do half dose, but I've also read that doing so isn't a high enough concentration to kill the parasite. Can't dose salt because of corys and plants, can't do copper because of shrimp. What do I do? Haven't done today's treatment yet. Hoping to get some responses first. I now have a QT tank set up for future fish. I learned my lesson!!! I've attached pics of my cory pre color loss (treatment) vs yesterday. Also of my fish with the spot that was not there the end of Jan. Thanks for the help. Water Parameters: pH - 7.2 Nitrates - 5 Hardness - very hard Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer Water Temperature - 80F
  4. I’m not doing the med trio. That was just more a generic question for the future when I quarantine. Right now I’m treating my main tank.
  5. I am new to quarantining after learning a hard lesson so please forgive me. If I treat with trio recommended by Cory and I only put the medicine in once and let it sit, how with the Ich X work if it only works on the lifecycle of free swimming which is why I’m dosing my main tank every day with water changes. Would one dose of ich X do the trick if they truly have it? Or is it that we dose it and wait to see if white spots show up and then go with full treatment? Thanks And does this look like ich? Treating my 45 gallon because of this one spot and occasional flashing of my Cory cat flicking the sand at the bottom of my tank. The picture of the yellow fish was taken yesterday. The picture of the other two fish was about a week ago. I had done one dose of Ich x but was also treating the tank with Maracyn so couldn’t do water changes and continual dosing.
  6. Is it safe to move the sponge filter back to the main tank when you are done quarantining?
  7. Thank you for the replies. My one remaining danio was a real bully and I would catch him chasing the guppies. I gave him away yesterday. Lost 2 guppies yesterday and 1 was dead this morning. I have 2 left. The one with the really bad tail is still hanging in, although I see no improvement yet. Been treating the whole tank with Maracyn per the box instructions. Today was day 4. I will dose tomorrow and then do a 25% water change on Monday. I got a QT tank today that I am setting up. I had 2 HOB filters on my display tank, so I moved one over for the BB. Going to move the guppies after treatment is done if I see no improvement. If I QT them, how do I know my main tank is clear of disease before moving them back? Do I need to replace all my filter media?
  8. Thank you so much for the detailed response. I never leave any food lying at the bottom I make sure it’s all eaten. With every water change I vacuum the sand. I only did one dose of the ich-x because I did read that you’re supposed to do a water change between every dose but I’m also treating with Maracyn and that says to not do a water change during dosing. Lost one of my guppies this morning. Now another one is laying on the bottom and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose him. I do have one glo Danio who I can visibly see bullying my fish. I am trying to catch him with no luck I’m going to give him away. Any ideas? I have a net sitting in there with food and he’s not going for it.
  9. My water is always clean. 0, 0 and less than 20 nitrates. I do consistent water changes. There is really no rhyme or reason. I got a tank for my kids and wanted a good experience so I did ALL my research first and have put so much effort in money into this and I just keep losing fish. It's frustrating and heartbreaking and getting expensive. GRRRR
  10. But do I follow Co-Op's advise and just do the one dose I did yesterday and let it sit, or do I dose everyday per the box?
  11. Water Parameters: pH - about 7 Nitrates - about 10 Hardness - between 150-300ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80ish Water Temperature - 77-79 F 45 gallon 2 live Anubia plants 1 driftwood 2 air stones 2 aquaclear 70 HOB filters - carbon, poly filter and purigen being used sand substrate usually do a 25% water change every 2 weeks but probably switching to 10% every week Current Stock: 4 Amano Shrimp 1 hillstream loach 2 oto catfish 1 glo danio 4 glo tetras 4 cory cats 5 guppies I've had my tank set up since last January. Newbie here. I've had terrible luck and lost probably about 20 fish/shrimp/snails over that time. About 8 months in, I found out, by luck, that I had copper in my tap water. I have switched water source and now have no copper. Added poly filter and it turned really blue right away. I waited until all the copper was out of my water and made sure no more fish were dying before recently adding more. I don't currently have a quarantine tank. My very first fish were 5 glo tetras and 5 glo danios from Petco. Not sure if they were sick when I got them. I have 1 remaining glo danio and 4 remaining glo tetras. Put in 5 guppies a week ago. They were gorgeous. Now 1 has a tail more than half gone, 2 have beginning signs of fin rot, my lfs thinks I might have ich on my glo tetras tails. Removed Carbon, Poly Filter and Purigen. Treated for 1 day with Melafix and MetroPlex (at the advice of my LFS). Felt like my 1 guppy was looking worse, another guppy is now sitting on the bottom breathing heavy and hiding, and had read that Melafix doesn't really treat fin rot but can aid in fin repair after the underlying bacteria is gone. So I did a 25% water change and followed Aquarium Co-Op's suggestion of treating with 1tsp of Ich-X per 10 gallon and Maracyn 1 packet per 10 gallons. (I treated for 40 gallons to account for the space the sand and decor takes up.) It's now been 24 hours. I'm feeling like there is no improvement. I know I'm super anxious because I have lost so many fish and I'm new to treating my tank, but the YouTube video says to NOT follow the instructions and to just dose once and then leave the tank for a week. The instructions say to dose everyday. PLEASE HELP!!! What do I do????? Thanks so much.
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