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  1. My water params are similar: 8.2 pH 13 kH 20 gH The following plants are doing great in both of my tanks. - jungle val - Ludwigia Repens - Pogostemmon Octopus - Dwarf lilly (I've got 13 lilly pads from one plant!) - tiger lotus - Green Temple (Hygrophilia corymbosa) - Christmass moss - Java Moss The following are doing OK... - Chain swords - Amazon sword - Hornwort (grows fast, but is not nice and lush) - Java Fern - some kind of crypt and lastly - the only one that hasn't done well is an Anubias. Photo is of the dwarf lilly in my 20L apisto tank. I was feeling meh about this tank until this lilly took off. The fish are even more active in it with the shade/cover (I think?) and one of my main 75 gal.
  2. I felt the same way you did a couple months ago. I was researching CO2 and all sorts of hi intensity lights thinking I needed that. I never got around to purchasing a CO2 system (to be fair I would have had it if the local welding supply store had hours past 5!) and it just happened on it's own. I do root tabs for the root feeders and dose easy green at a 1/2 dose, 2x per week. Lights are on a timer. I need to do some pruning in the next week - the pogostemmon and jungle val are taking over!
  3. My params are: pH 8 - 8.2 kH 13 gH 20 My plants are doing great in my low tech 75. Jungle Val Pogostemmon Stellatus Java Fern Java Moss Christmas Moss Anubia (I'm actually struggling with this one) Purple tiger lilly Dwarf sag Green Temple (Hygrophilia) Ludwigia Repens Hornwort
  4. That's a great idea! I never thought of that. I'll definitely be doing that once it warms up here a bit. I'd love an easy way to give my fish some live food.
  5. My plants seem to be doing well in my 75gal... Maybe I've just lucked out? My water params are: pH - 8.2 kH - 13-14 dH - 20-21 I have -jungle val, dwarf sag, ava fern, Java moss, christmas moss, pogostemon stellatus octopus, Hydrophila, hornwort, ludwiga repens, an amazon sword and an anubias (surprisingly it's the one that it's thriving, but it's added a couple new leaves in the past two months). I just added a purple lotus lilly, but it hasn't had time to do much as of yet. The last photo below was taken at the beginning of the month. Now the hornwort (which I've trimmed 2x), jungle val (thinned once since I wanted some for my 20Long), and pogostemmon all have reached the surface and have continued to grow.
  6. I've had no luck with these - I've tried 3 times - all have eventually rotted. My other plants are doing great. Really wish there was a better way to get them to sprout - I'd love to have a couple lillys in my tank.
  7. I got ramshorn in my last order (pogostemon) - at least the first showed up about 3 weeks after adding the plant to my tank. I didn't get any with my previous order (jungle val). I did get bladder snails in jan from a local seller and I even pre-treated those plants before putting in my tank. I was able to keep ahead of the bladder snails and I think they've been effectively eliminated. I've let the ramshorn grow, but I've been removing the eggs that my platys don't get to help keep the population in check. They definitely like to lay a lot of eggs!
  8. I've had some jungle val in my 75 gal for about 5 weeks - It is spreading VERY nicely (tons of new plants on runners - it's more than doubled), but wasn't even half way up the water column. I had been running my lights (nicrew skyled +) on 60% for 10 hours a day (+30 min ramp up/down) since I didn't want bad algae. Last week I decided to try 100% intensity for 9 hours (+ 30min ramp up/down) and the jungle val has really taken off. My other plants look to be doing better as well. I think I may be starting to get a little BBA (i've removed the leaves where I've seen it) so may have to reduce the lighting duration, but am trying daily Seachem Excel (low dose so the val doesn't melt) and 1/2dose 2x/week easy green along with root tabs. The first day after increasing the light I started to have pearling - and I didn't have it prior.
  9. I know it doesn't help in this case, but I've ordered plants from 4 online vendors - the Co-op's packaging was head and shoulders above the others (and they were also big name plant companies). While you're currently unhappy - I'd give them another chance. From the other vendors you're likely to get a plant wrapped in wet newsprint in a plastic bag. There may be a heat pack, but it probably will not be in an insulated bag like the co-op. Watching how shipping has been since thanksgiving (already high shipping volumes due to covid) - it's even more clear that what seem to be unrelated weather/delays in another part of the country - impact everything. When that shipping system gets backed up for a large region - it backs up EVERYTHING.
  10. I've been very impressed with the plant packaging when ordering from Aquarium CoOp. I've ordered from other vendors and they were just packaged in wet newspaper and a ziplock. The plants from AQ CoOp were MUCH nicer!
  11. I ordered 8 Odessa barbs from LiveAquaria - Shipping was as much as the fish! They did arrive healthy and so far look pretty bland since they are young. I do hope that I have some females - Mine all have dark head/tail spots/bars. They're doing well in my QT tank. They are very active and are a bit aggressive with each other at times - hoping they're not too much for the platies in my main tank.
  12. Thanks everyone - it's clear that the benefits outweigh the slight additional hassle. I made a space in my office to put the tank when it needs to be set up so I can keep a better eye on any new livestock that I add.
  13. @Will Billy and @James Black thank you for the detailed replies. I do have a tub, heater and air pump for use as a short term hospital tank. There is a spare sponge filter (in addition to my canister filter) running in my main tank so I have some cycled media for that hospital 'tank'. I completely agree with the cost aspect - a QT tank is cheap insurance (I also have the common meds just in case they are needed). I was getting stuck on the thought of having a dedicated QT tank with established media and keeping it up/running in the long term (lets be real - I'd soon have fish in there that would then have to moved ;) ) OR planning 30 days ahead to cycle a new tank to use for QT before purchasing fish (eliminates those impulse buys though!). Thanks again!
  14. I'm trying to get a feel for quarantining when getting new fish. My searching makes it seem like it's an absolute must - I don't know if that's just the internet feeding on itself or if its a requirement to maintain a healthy community tank? I do realize that there is always a chance to introduce something to a tank through new stock, but I have no feel for how common that actually is. Is it likely to happen every time? Maybe once over my time keeping fish? Half the time? I guess even one time that wipes out a tank would be one time too many... I have a 75 gal that is planted - I'd love to run salt to help, but the plants will suffer. I currently don't plan to be adding stock often and don't have a good place for a dedicated quarantine tank (meaning in a common place where it's easy to keep an eye on). I do have an extra sponge filter I run in my tank in the event that I need to treat fish - so I can move that to the temp tank if needed. I've read the few current threads here and there were some good ideas there for 'as needed' hospital tank (tubs etc). Do you quarantine new fish every single time? Only when you get fish shipped? Only when they come from a LFS that maybe doesn't have the best looking tanks? Thank you.
  15. @Kirsten - perfect! Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I can't wait for my tank to fill in like yours is!
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