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  1. anewbie, thank you for the advice! I'm not adding any bottom feeders now. I'm going to put the peacocks in my Orb. It's a 15g with rice fish. I'm not even putting my BN in the 75g because they've proven they like to snack on my sword plants. Thanks again for your help Sandy
  2. Thank you, yes sorry I did say female. I meant male. The peacocks will have a different setup then. The amount of babies I get isn't the issue. But the stress! So I'll put them in my 15g orb. They will do great in there! Have a great day and thanks again 😊
  3. I've set up a 75g planted. I have some small rainbow fish, longfin white clouds and platinum halfbeaks! I'll add others as I go along. I put my apistgramma pair in there. She will spawn. As she has a few times in a 20g long! I have lots of hiding places and many breaks in line of sight. I want to add some peacock gudgeons! Because they are bottom dwellers how safe is it for me to do? The peacocks will spawn as well. Both species are known for having to remove the female after spawning! Can these 2 species get along in the 75g even during spawning?
  4. Thank you that explanation makes sense to me. I don't know how to use Co2 yet. I have a lot of research to do. Sandy
  5. Thank you Roy. So if I wanted to go brighter I would need Co2?
  6. Thank you , I'm not necessarily stuck on fluval either. It can be a different brand. I just want to make sure I buy the right light for what I want my plants to do. They're so expensive and I'd like to get it right the first time.
  7. I'm going to upgrade my lighting on my 75g because I really want to have a better planted aquarium with some harder plants and carpeting. It is a standard 75. So my question is should I buy 1 or 2, 48 in" 3.0 lights? Information says that the high lighting requires Co2. I don't know how to set those up. It'll have to be another topic later! All input for the lights is welcome. Although best from very knowledgeable planted tank keepers w/o Co2. I'm new to keeping high requirement plants! Thank you Sandy
  8. Yes you're right! It sure does make it easier when you need some advice..
  9. Thank you akconklin I buy all of my sponge filters from the coop. First time having a 5 gallon and I wasn't sure if the small would fit in the tank.
  10. Great thank you Dawn! I do that with my bigger tanks as well. But these tanks are for Bettas so I don't want to use the HOB. They will have to much flow. I'll do the small sponge filter though. Again thank you
  11. I have 2 5 1/2 gallon Betta tanks. I'm wanting to order sponge filters. Does anyone know the height of the small one. I don't think nano will be good enough because it's pretty small. I need some advice from someone who is using them. Thank you
  12. Internal paracites. I think I'd start ick meds now. If spotting is showing up. Try to share a picture for everyone to see. People on here can help you better!
  13. I'm not sure. I'm not an expert. I only shared what I saw Cory say yesterday! He totally believes in bladder snails and MalaysianTrumpet for the algae. I guess they love the stuff. Some fish eat it to I just don't know what kind. Steenfott has a live stream going right now you could ask him. Probably get more information about it.
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