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  1. I thought I’d post an update. Coop shipped the medicine super fast and I started the paracleanse first dose on Sunday. Yesterday, when I checked on my angel, I was horrified and had no doubts that it should be immediately euthanized. It was rapidly breathing and a weird big “horn” was protruding from it’s “chest”. Ive never seen anything like it. It wasn’t looking at me anymore and wasn’t swimming much. I euthanized it and buried it, because I couldn’t just throw such a beauty, and so brave one, in trash. So sad. I just feel guilty that I let it suffer for so long.
  2. General cure is out of stock😭 i ordered paracleanse through aquarium coop, but it might take several days. I’ll do salt … thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you, I’ll try that. I think they sell general cure in pet stores. Paracleanse might take longer to be delivered, i wish I had ordered that before, because I planned to get trio med, but didn’t even know that it treats hith too
  4. Thank you for your support. I don’t think i can ever get another angel. The way he looks at me, it seems he understands everything. They look so intelligent:(((
  5. I wish i knew it before. In the beginning when I noticed a small hole on his face I thought he maybe accidentally scratched himself over the rock ( i had a dragon stone in the main tank) he was eating well and looked ok so I didn’t do anything. I am not that experienced with treating fish, and was only able to save some from ich. When I asked the LFS store guy if it was HITH he looked offended and said “who told you that?” They hate when people do research on the internet. So I had nowhere to go and did my best
  6. I moved it to a QT tank. ammonia is 0, nitritre 0, nitrate about 20, ph 7.5 temperature 78 i did erythromycin for 4 days. But i was sure that it’s HITH, at least looked like it so as soon as metroplex arrived i started it and it’s the third week, but I don’t see any improvement. And the fact that it has not been eating for at least three weeks makes me think that it’s over. He looks at his food and even swims to it, but can’t even open his mouth. There’s basically no mouth left 😢
  7. Hi all, my angelfish has been sick for several weeks, hasn’t been eating for about three weeks. It’s mouth kind of disappeared, it has a hole like it’s flesh has been eaten off, and some smaller holes in its body. My LFS suggestion was to treat with erythromycin, wich i did. Then I thought it might be HITH so I switched to seachem metroplex. Nothing helps. It’s horrible to see. I am considering euthanizing with clove oil, but can’t make myself doing it. Can someone give me an advice please? Should I do it?
  8. Hi, everyone, first if all thank you for your help! Ben Ellison, I haven’t add any new fish since June. Everything looked great all this time. I fixed the temperature and turned off CO2, Charles Harrison, the who I consulted with suggested the CO2 could drop the pH And harm fish. The pH is 6.6 right now which is within normal range I guess. The problem is that most if the fish don’t really show any signs of the disease, except they don’t eat. The two rainbows looked perfect, they just stopped eating and died. And I don’t really see any poop at all! I saw some white fluffy stuff coming out if rainbow, but read online that it is not a parasite or worm, it is mucus because the fish wasn’t eating. I tried to capture the tetra who shows some signs as best as I could. It’s color is pale, the eyes are swollen and there is a white circle around the eye, pale spotting at the tale. It doesn’t look like ich to me. I treated ich a few times, and the fish was acting normal at the beginning, ut was just all covered with tine white spots.
  9. Ok, I will, thank you! But there is something else in the appearance of some fish that tells me they not going to make it. At the beginning they were just lethargic and not eating. Now, one has some kind of a white spot on the fin and mouth, like fungus, but at least it is still interested in some food. Another, that died yesterday, had a couple of bright white ich like spots, that only appeared right before it died, another has a bulging eye, some have white discolored spots in tail. It seems like all of the diseases attacking me at once. In the other hand the first three died without any physical signs of a disease. Maybe their immune system got weakened due to whatever reason, like stray current or so else, and then they started developing other issues...i have never experienced anything like it.
  10. Hi, Daniel, the temperature in the tank dropped to 70. Igot a new heater yesterday and plugged it in, but the guy whom I was consulting with, he sells fish meds, told me to do the water change and not change the temperature for 24 hours. Also he suggested it might be pH burn, because some tetras were Slightly discolored and had pale spots at the tale. And I run the co2 which can drop the pH and it did to 6.6 which is still in a normal range I suppose? I also stumbled upon Cory’s video where he mentioned stray currents due to filter breakage. Or could it be a CO2 build up? And replying to Sandy, I don’t know what parasites to treat for, that is why I contacted the guy who sells meds. There is no visual signs of anything, like fungus or worms. I lost one more tetra today:(
  11. Hello, I am new to the forum, but a huge aquarium coop fan for a long time. I have been struggling with fish hobby in my own, don’t have anyone to talk to about that and have been mostly relying on youtubers and fish forums for info and advice. I was ready to give up a lot if times but kept fighting. It is the first time when I am trying to get some help, because I am devastated and don’t know what to do. Obviously my fish was getting sick and died once in a while, but things were pretty good for a while. I even decided to get a few rainbows, because I thought I was ready. For a few months everything was fine. Now I lost two of my female rainbows for no reason. They stopped eating and died. My beautiful male lost interest in food, swims frantically and pokes his nose at the glass. I feel like I am losing him too. Most of my tetras stopped eating, lethargic. One died. Other four look really bad, I am positive they will not make it. The only thing I see is some discoloring and white spots (not ich) on the tales. I have never seen fish dying one by one like this! No ammonia, nitrites at the same level. Ph is 6.6 because of the Co2 injection. Used to be at a higher end. But I ran co2 for more than a year.The only Other thing I have noticed is that my heater stopped working and when I removed it I saw a crack on the bottom. Could something have leaked in the water. I did a massive water change. I would really appreciate some advice! I just watch them with tears in my eyes and can’t do anything...
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