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  1. Thank you. Can you keep the rockwool on if you're planting into the substrate as well?
  2. Okay, do I remove the wool the plant is in for the easy planter?
  3. 7.5 Ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 30 Nitrate Florida Flag fish has tumor like white spots? And is extremely pale. Any thoughts?
  4. Is the stingray sold on the website the stingray 2 or the original? Thanks!
  5. Seth

    Red gill on Danio

    Yes, he's definitely the leader of the pack tho and isn't afraid of chasing the other danios around from time to time. Very active and eats fine
  6. Came from petsmart with it, just on one side. Have 11 other danios that are fine. They are all in the QT and I've done aquarium salt, the med trio, and two doses of general cure. The water isn't the issue. Any thoughts on what it is and if its curable or is it more of a scar situation?
  7. One of my zebra danios came from petsmart with this gill issue. Any ideas as to what it is and if I should move to QT and treat?
  8. I watched Cory's video explaining the med trio. I bought the med trio and dosed my 8 zebra danios in the QT. My question is, what do I do after the first week of letting the meds work? Water change? Dose all three again? Just monitor for a couple more weeks and stop medicating? Thanks in advance!
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