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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I recently bought some pearl weed from the ACO and just taking a brief look at the instructions on the product page it said to plant it in the pot so that it can grow quickly without being uprooted. Having gotten home from work late that night and in a haste to get the plant into the tank before it suffered heat damage (South texas is still scorching even in late September) I planted the whole plant and pot, including the rock wool. My question is, should I uproot the plant now a day later and remove the rockwool, or will it be fine as is? I've never planted a plant using the actual pot it comes with so I'm a bit out of my depth. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Okay, do I remove the wool the plant is in for the easy planter?
  3. Does anyone have a favorite brand or good store to look other than Amazon for Rock wool to stock pots and grow put clippings? Alot of what I have found online seems to be more for insulation and less for plant pots
  4. I’m new to the planted tanks, I’m question is : when a plant has the rockwool , do you simply get that clump of roots and rockwool and plant it into the gravel? Or do you remove the roots and plants without the rockwool, and plant wherever you want ? Thanks everyone,, Terry
  5. Hey gang, I just got some lovely plants from aquarium coop and I was trying to figure out what to do with the rock moss. Some research online suggests it needs to be removed as it will absorb nutrients from the water. I personally worry it will slow the growth of roots, but I'm still fairly new to plants. I bought water sprite and another plant whose name I don't recall, sorry, it had a scientific name at the store but not a common name. It looks similar to hornwort but maybe a bit finer and denser on the leaves? It's a stem type plant. Do I need to get my plants out of the rock wool, or am I good to leave them in it to root? I've got gel super glue to attach plants to tank objects necessary. The guide I saw online suggested cutting stem plants just above the rock wool for transplant. Is this correct? Thank you so much for any advice!
  6. Can I move a plant? If I want it in a different area in the aquarium would I harm it by moving it?
  7. If I buy a potted plant from aquarium co op or anywhere really, do I have to take it out of the pot in order for it to survive? Or can I just leave it in?
  8. Is it ok to just leave potted plants in rock wool? For years I was told to remove the plants immediately and repot/plant in substrate...but now I noticed that Cory from Aquarium Coop leaves plants in rock wool when they are placed in his Easy Planters! I think rock wool is easy to work with and if the plants have been originally started in it, shouldn't it be just fine for permanent growth? Thanks All
  9. Can rock wool be used as a medium to propagate plants in pots submerged, or is this something that's better suited for immersed grown plants? If not, what's an easy medium to use in pots for submerged plants? Planted substrate?
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