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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I picked up a few assorted platies a few weeks ago. Seemed fine (I even had a fry - that promptly got eaten I think), however, two died within the last couple of days and the remaining seem to have red gills. My other stock - some pygmy corys, beckford pencilfish, and amano shrimp all seem to be fine. Ammonia seems like its the main cause of red gills on the internet, however, I have 0 ppm ammonia according to my API test kit (see below). So I am wondering if this is a disease? Apologies for the quality of the images I will try to get clearer ones. Any help is greatly appreciated. Water Parameters: pH - 7.3-7.5 Nitrates - 40 ppm (moderately planted) Hardness - ~8 degrees Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 0 ppm KH/Buffer - ~5 degrees Water Temperature - ~79 degrees
  2. I don't know if I'm over-worrying or anything, but I see that Aurora has red-gills when he is flaring, he comes to the surface to breathe every 30 seconds, and blows bubbles often in the water like he is suffocating/choking... can someone help me identify if its a disease, and if its gill flukes or gill disease? Thanks so much!!
  3. So I've been calibrating a fairly new tank for just over 3 months and all the fish were happy until some big change this weekend. Cory's and Plecos fine, but all 18 Danios (10 Zebra, 8 Kyathit) have gone into hiding at the bottom in the plants/driftwood, only a few come out to eat. Just now I tried to coax them out with some food. Several came out and I noticed red gills on at least two of them. Internet search took me many places ... Ammonia is 0, so it isn't Ammonia poisoning CO2 is between 15-30ppm, but the fish are not gasping for air or going to the surface So that leaves ... bacteria? But why don't the Cory's and Plecos have it (at least they are acting normally with no red gills)? My first tank crisis 😞
  4. I just recently started a betta sorority. I had the tank set up for about a month before adding them and used a sponge filter that was already established from a different tank. I added 6 juvenile guppies (from an already established tank)2 weeks before adding the bettas. My parameters are Nitrate-0 Nitrite-0 GH-25 Chlorine-0 KH-180 PH-7.8 Amonia-0 So here's the problem, the gills on the bettas are all turning red, which I looked up and it said amonia burns/poisoning but the levels are 0. The tests aren't expired as I just purchased them. Please help!!
  5. Not sure if this were I should post this. But I noticed one of my Otocinclus has a red spot underneath the mouth between the gills. The other otos don't show this. He/she is very active munching away still. Thoughts? Oh 6.8 to 7.2 co2 during day, airstones at night. 0 Amonia, 0 Nitrite, ~10ppm nitrate (when I fertilized) gh/kh 8. Temp drops to about 74 to 74.5 in the morning. Climbs to about 76.5 in the evening on light cycle decline, over a 12-14 hour period.
  6. Came from petsmart with it, just on one side. Have 11 other danios that are fine. They are all in the QT and I've done aquarium salt, the med trio, and two doses of general cure. The water isn't the issue. Any thoughts on what it is and if its curable or is it more of a scar situation?
  7. Hello- This morning my panda cory was very listless and I noticed his gills are really inflamed and puffy. My daughter says it looks like there is a small pom-pom in his gills (my eyesight is not the greatest). I have him quarantined and did a dose of Maracyn. The other fish in my 20g long tank (another cory, guppy, place) look fine but should I dose them just in case? Sorry, trying to figure out a way to post an image of him. Thanks for any input, greatly needed!
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