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Found 12 results

  1. Any idea what this is and how to treat it. It's only affecting one of my neon tetras. Other than this the fish is behaving and feeding normally.
  2. Hello all my fish has some sort of growth on his/her eye and I’m not sure what it is or what to do for it. Can you please help!!?!?!
  3. Hello, I need help. I have a 125 gallon tank with great levels that I diligently care for. This growth started to grow on my polar blue parrot’s fin and then on my angel fish and rainbow cichlid. My rainbow started to swell at the mouth abdomen, and eyes. I put him and polar blue in hospital tank with kanaplex for 72 hrs. The tank had an ammonia spike so I quickly put them back in 125. I added epsom salt to the 125 gal. 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons. Did I mess up by putting salt in my main tank? What should I do? I keep reading mixed ideas. 😞 please help. Thank you
  4. I purchased two baby red shoulder severums at the same time/place about 4 months ago. One of them was bullying the other one so after a few days of getting them I removed the bully into my peaceful 75 gallon planted tank until I could get him his own home. The severum that was the bullied one never really came out from hiding and died shortly after. I would say it lived about one month from the time I purchased him. So now it has been about 4 months and they bully severum has not grown at all. For awhile I thought he was going to die because he looked pale with his stripes barley showing and hid and never ate. In the last two months he has gotten his colors back his black stripes look great he comes out all the time now. He seems interested in food and try's to get some but spits it back out. I feed him in his own space to help encourage him to eat. I assume he is getting something because he is still alive, but he has not grown at all since the day I brought him home. You can see in the photo that he is out at feeding time. All of the other fish in this tank are in perfect health. He is still only about 1 inch in size, I don't know why he wont grow. Any suggestions?
  5. I recently bought a male and female killi fish. They are in my 10 gallon hospital tank with plants, a few ghost shrimp, snails, 4 hoplo cats, and one bristlenose pleco. The female has a small growth near her mouth. It developed shortly after adding her to the hospital tank. She is eating very well and seems happy. Can anyone assist in identifying what it might be and how I could treat it?
  6. One of my long fin white clouds has a growth near his eye, but it is not on his eye. It looks a bit like a wart, doesn't seem to bother him, but does me. I have isolated him and treated him with Maracyn, but no change, could this just be a harmless growth or should I try something else. Thanks.
  7. Hello! I just noticed one of my platys has an odd white color on its side. The scales are raised in that area and almost looks like the scales are like, disintegrating? Not sure couldn’t get a super good picture. Should I remove him from tank??
  8. I have an endler who started changing colors, 2 orange spots on one side of his body. He is about 6 months old and 1st time I've kept them, so figured it was maturing. This began 3 weeks ago. Spots grew in diameter and I couldn't tell if they were swelling, but husband didn't think they were. Now they have gotten bumpy and swollen. He has continued eating and swimming normally. I moved him to a tank by himself (planted with tons of snails & red cherry shrimp) as another endler was nipping at one of the spots. The spots do not look to be open sores. Anyone experience this before? He just won't stay still for picks. Nitrites- 10 Nitrates-0 Chlorine-0 Water tests Very Hard kh-40-60 ph-7.3 Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hey there everyone. So this question is about a juvenile (male) Marble Molly of mine. (he is about 9.5 months old right now).. So - backstory and what I am 99.999% sure was the cause of this (if indeed it is prolapse) - He was born the end of March / beginning of April last year. At about 1 to 1.5 months old, I was netting out my then molly fry (there were 7 in total), from the floating breeder box their were hanging out in, because the box had so much algae growth, I literally couldn't see into it..AT ALL.. Anyway, this is when/how this happened/started to the best of my knowledge - during all the commotion while removing the moss and then the fry, one of the fry got 'pinned'/pinched btwn the net and the inside of the box. Now..I have 6 tanks, have kept mostly only livebearing fish, and the temporary removal or transferring of fry is absolutely not a new thing for me. And I honestly didn't notice anything to be wrong during all of this, and I ended up just putting all 7 molly fry into the fry tank (with a TON of moss both floating and on wood), that already had about 20-30 platy and guppy fry growing out. Again, I REALLY wasn't aware anything had happened / was wrong. Cut to July, and I had taken out the platy and guppy fry, so the Molly fry were then in there on their own. During a water change, I noticed that one of the little guys, had a bump/lump on it's belly. This particular one was removed from that tank, and then placed into my then just finished cycling 5 gallon tank, on it's own {{the first two pics were taken August 10th}} This was now his home. And tbh, I didn't actually think it would live as terrible as that sounds..but, if it DID live, and if it ended up being female, I absolutely did not want to take the chance of it becoming pregnant, and even still - I did not want it to be bullied to death! So. A bit before Christmas, it finally matured and lo-and-behold, NOT female! (lol) Anyhow - he has been doing GREAT! Eats like a champ, gets water changes in the (same planted tank I initially isolated him in - but has 3 (1m 2f) H. Formosa in with him (and obviously fry -- third and fourth pics are him today) Sooo IS this an intestinal prolapse? Or is this instead a tumor? Have I done the right thing in NOT euthanizing? (last pic is his tank/home!)
  10. 7.5 Ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 30 Nitrate Florida Flag fish has tumor like white spots? And is extremely pale. Any thoughts?
  11. Hey all, We have a 15 gallon tank with 13 Neon Green Tetras and 3 Male Guppies. We've got a Vallisneria plant, a Cryptocoyne Parva plant, a Java Fern, and some Java Moss in the tank. Chlorine Level: None Nitrites: None Nitrates: between 0 and 5ppm (closer to 5 than 0) pH: 8.2 (which is a bit high, but that's been the stable reading for our tank for months) Ammonia: None Temperature: Between 78-79 Fahrenheit (Pretty consistent) We did a 25% water change (gravel vacc'ed and cleared some algae from the front and sides of the tank so that we could see the little guys) on Sunday and discovered a weird bump on one of the tetras on Monday during feeding. It's up near the front of the fish, sort of under the mouth. The tetra still appears to be swimming fine, came up to feed with no problems, and otherwise appears to be behaving normally. It took a while to get some decent pictures, but see the attached photos for the bump.
  12. I am re-entering the hobby after a 7 year hiatus. I am new to planted tanks. I have a 10 gallon planted tank with 3 amano shrimp, 2 nerite snails, 2 blue Neocaridina shrimp, and 7-> 6 neon tetras. The planted tank has been set up since May 3rd. Two of my tetras had a white small growth on their lips. What is it and how do I treat it? My fish tank parameters: 10 gallon tank below with some modifications to the sump style filter to contain bio rings and course filter pads. Also running an air stone https://www.marinedepot.com/nuvo-fusion-10-pro-aio-10-gallon-aquarium-bundle-innovative-marine?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=0I6922&gclid=CjwKCAiA7939BRBMEiwA-hX5JxIvsFxiZ4cA0YRB6l-1U8y4UsWjc2oMklPXvQTqWz4xHgT3Z1PohxoCsCEQAvD_BwE& Heavily planted Contains wood decoration Deep gravel bed (3-5”) for nitrate disposal Temp: 76-78 degrees, usually 78 (eheim adjustable heater) Nitrates: 7 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH: 90 ppm GH: 107 ppm pH: 7.5-7.6 3 of the tetras I had since 5/24 and the other 4 since 10/4. I put the old fish through 2 rounds of meds (the trio recommended by aquarium coop) when I got them. I put the new fish through 2 rounds of meds in quarantine (~6 weeks of quarantine) when I got them. I added the new fish to my old tank 11/17. Then one of the old tetras got the growth on his lip. A day after I noticed the growth it started breathing faster. 1 day later I found him dead. One of the new tetras has had a similar looking lip since I got it. However it is eating well and behaving normally so I did not think it was a problem. Looks like I was very wrong. The lip abnormality on the new fish did not respond to the two rounds of med trio. What do I do now? Salt? Repeat med trio? Other Meds? If I use salt do I need to remove all my plants to prevent them from dying? I am so afraid all my fish will die. Enclosed are pics of the old tetra with the lip growth 1 day prior to death, and a picture after death. I could not get pics of the new fish with the lip growth because he is a fast little bugger. Also pictures of my aquarium for context.
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