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Found 3 results

  1. When you've got a tank with Hydrophlox Shiners . . . it's hard to imagine needing a "centerpiece" fish. However, we've thoroughly enjoyed a pair of Florida Flagfish (Jordanella Floridae) which coexist peacefully in the tank with our Rainbow Shiners. Took a few photos, and a 1-min video showing some pre-spawning activity (see below). It's hard to capture exactly how beautiful their emerald jeweling is. About the size of mature platys, these are an active fish for a non-heated, small U.S. Native tank. We have them here in a 29 gal with Rainbow Shiners and a pair of Rainbow Darters. They eat flake foods and frozen foods.
  2. 7.5 Ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 30 Nitrate Florida Flag fish has tumor like white spots? And is extremely pale. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, everyone! I have had a low grade black beard algae and spot green algae issue that I've been keeping under control manually (lately removing hardscape & spot treating with H2O2 or Excel with mixed results) and feeding less/less light to try to dial in. I have a hard time keeping my nitrates > 5ppm, even with Easy Green (although I started low to half dose and still had to scale back, as the BBA just exploded when I increased to a half-dose). Mildly (trying to get to moderately) planted tank - mostly slow growing but added some faster species recently. OK - the ACTUAL question is: I'm trying to decide if I should add any sort of algae eater (bristle nose pleco, panda garras, or Siamese Algae Eater are on my short list, although I think only the SAE eats BBA) but I can't find much about their mouth anatomy. The 100g acrylic tank was VERY spendy, and I already have some micro scratches on the side from an "acrylic safe" Seachem sponge the first week I got it - very sad. I don't know if any of those fish have a hard rasp that will create micro scratches over time. Tank info: 10 month old soft water tank, pH 7.6, dGH 2/GH 35 ppm, nitrates 5-10ppm, zero ammonia/nitrite. 5 angels, 3 Bolivian rams, sterbai corys, cherry barbs, rummynose & black neon tetras. Have amano shrimp in my other tank keeping that BBA under a little better control, but I heard they make great (and expensive) snacks for angels. Not interested in nerites as I dislike the look of the eggs. TIA!
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